Howard Kayman

Howard Kayman


Howard Kayman – Unsuspecting World Record Holder

Howard Kayman has worked for top end real estate agency, Aston Chase, for 15 years. He began his career at the preeminent realtor in 1997 and a junior negotiator in the Home Sales Department and through the leadership programs offered by Aston Chase, and thanks to his passion for real estate he is now one of the top negotiators in the city of London and well known as a resource on property investment in Central and North West London.

Howard Kayman has always been interested in real estate and made the decision to join Aston Chase to utilize his skills and talents in a niche market. Aston Chase is a prestigious realtor in the city only serving select areas and clients. Howard Kayman is a sought after negotiator due to his immense knowledge and discretion as well as his ability to ‘close a sale.’

Howard Kayman believes in living life to the full and giving 100% of his efforts at work; he also believes in living life in the fast lane. Not lazing around the continent though; on his days off, Howard can be found doing something a little different…

Though Howard is a busy man and lives and breathes real estate and property investment in one of the busiest cities in the world, he also makes time for his other love – karting, racing and breaking world records.

When Howard Kayman set a Guinness World Record in 2010 for his 24 hour endurance karting event held at the Teeside Karting Circuit, he didn’t even realize he’d achieved a world first. Howard decided to attempt the 24 hour endurance marathon as part of his private fund raising efforts. He was involved with ‘Help for Heroes’ and used his karting event to raise over £10 000 for the not-for-profit organization that supports injured veterans and their families. His goal was always on the amount of money and awareness he could raise for the charity. It was only two years later that Howard was informed that he had in fact set a new world record as part of his efforts.

Howard’s race was unique in that most endurance races are done by a team of drivers who take turns at the wheel. Howard Kayman did the entire race alone and was in the driver’s seat for the full 24 hours of his race. The fact that he was able to break and set a new world record is nothing short of astounding for the competitive racer. Howard finished the race alone and managed a distance of 1,054.34 miles at an average speed of just under 50mph.

Today, Howard is more determined than ever before, to break records and set a couple of new ones when he attempts the 48 –hour endurance race. His fund raising efforts will once again benefit the charity ‘Help for Heroes’. His work with the charity is Kayman’s way of showing his support and admiration for the men and women in uniform who are valiantly serving the British nation around the world. Howard works hands-on with the organization raising awareness and support in his personal capacity.

Howard Kayman races competitively in Great Britain and is a member of several karting and racing organizations. His work with Club 100 and Easy Kart have ensured that young racers are able to compete regularly without the attendant financial pressure. 

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