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Work experience

Maintenance Crew

City of Laguna Beach
Maintenance Crew, Responsible for general maintenance/clean-up of city parks, beaches and downtown areas. TRAINING/COMPUTER SKILLS Skills: Microsoft Office Suite, proprietary company systems, voltage meter, soldering

Maintenance Crew, Sewer Division

City of Laguna Beach
Laguna Beach CA Maintenance Crew, Sewer Division Responsible for general maintenance of city sewer lines and pump stations. Also assisted utility companies with problem identification/solving as related to the city sewer system.

Customer Service Associate/customer Retention

Diversified Auto Automotive
Temecula, CA Customer Service Associate/Customer Retention Responsible for answering phones, scheduling service work, trouble shooting customer problems/complaints, ordering/picking up parts and, as required, assisting with vehicle maintenance and repair work. Resume(cont) Page 2 of 2


Pach and Company
San Clemente, CA Lead Quality Control and Service Technician l Provided phone assistance to customers requesting system/product recommendations resulting in customer product satisfaction/repeat business. l Consulted with dealers to provide installation support, providing end users with positive equipment start-up experiences. l Trouble-shoot Pach and Company dealer/end user equipment problems, resulting in improved customer product satisfaction/repeat business. l Provided feedback to engineering department regarding product problems/issues experienced in the field, resulting in improved product features/ease of use. l Interfaced with customers concerning replacement parts recommendations/availability, ensuring maximum equipment up-time. l Assessed customer needs during installation support/trouble shooting calls, providing sales leads to sales/marketing department. l Supervised/assisted with incoming parts receiving/inspection and final product assembly, ensuring product reliability/quality. l Supervised Shipping/Receiving functions, ensuring on-time delivery of products.
Apr 2013Dec 2014

Technical Service Technician

Broadlux /Current employer

As a technician with Broadlux I travel around the Country providing support for our clients and customers in the CNG/LNG /HYDROGEN Fueling Industry, I perform new start ups with controllers and dispensers in fuel control and fuel management. Some of our larger clientele include Clean Energy,SoCalGas,SdG&E, and city's and counties such as Los Angeles and county of Riverside public works and transit. My job can be a service call to a new site start up out of state. Theirs not much we don't cover, from hardware to I.T, we do it all.  2-wire communication,Fuel Force,Gilbarco .


Aug 2008Apr 2008

Level 3 certificate

Irvine Valley

Completed level 3 in the orange county Sheriffs reserve training center through Irvine Valley .

Apr 1990

High school diploma


JV Football,baseball


Feb 2013Dec 2014

ET Electrician trainee

Division of Labor Standards Enforcement
Electrician certification unit verification of registration of Electrician Trainee. Trainee number:T26501


Mark Ellis, Trimimarx 714.244.6285


John Hobson Saddle Back college Printing Dept , 949.235.8324


Gary Kessler Irvine Valley water Management 949.309.0092



Team Player
I pride myself with working with others, regardless if I am the trainee or trainer. I have been the production manager at PACH & Company where I supervised a small group of three. Working in tight quarters and under stress at deadline time I have my fair share of experience. I worked with happy co workers to disgruntle co workers and believe me I prefer the happy ones. I had to dis-fuse some some tense situations in the past and have learned a lot from it. I don't expect everyone to be buddy buddy but I do expect everyone try there best,be professional and be courteous to others. I have never asked someone to do something that I wouldn't do myself. If I finish a project or job early I always will ask or seek who needs help,even if its not my department. I know the term player gets thrown around a lot, It is something I really pride my self with and mean it.
Phone Line
Testing and installing phone line modem and lighting surge protection. Performing Phone line diagnostic and testing procedure that included testing for proper on and off hook AC & DC Voltages , Loop current and Circuit loss., Proper ring voltages and loop currents Ma. Installing phone line boosters and SNIX (single noise interference X terminator) if needed. Running and splicing CAT 5/6 . On site support for polling and closing client batches and updates.
Tools of the trade
Voltage & Ohms meters , Fluke TS25D tester, soldering &small circuit board repair , Crimps,CAT/5&6 Phone termination. Impact & torque wrench. Gas and leak detection equipment. hyper-terminal . Micon Info-Pac. Shoveling . Fork lift, Backhoe, Water truck ,Hydro truck. Traffic cone and safety .
Support customers
Provide top level customer support to our clients and end users with support. Provide phone support to technicians out in the field with trouble shooting and support. Try our best to resolve the issue over the phone/E-mail so that one of our technicians or myself will not need to travel/fly to location. Provide proper part numbers and recommendations to the client. Ship proper parts out to the customer.
When in the field it is vital that we the technicians do everything in our ability to get the issues and problems out in the field resolved. Do to the fact that over 50% of our new start ups and service calls our out of state ,we need to make sure no additional travel or additional repairs will be needed. Problem solving and trouble shooting is almost like and art form, need to get all the facts, have all the necessary tools and equipment to get the job done. Isolate the issue and source of the problem than correct it, in some cases it can be multiple issues.
When dealing with customers or clients in the field or on the phone, One must remember that they come first. I often recall times when I had bad experiences(and good) with technical support personal and technicians, from the phone company to a television cable installer. That can make or break a deal, being visible and the face and voice you represent your company.
Do to the high degree to public exposure in our industry, good visibility is very important. From appearance to performance to work ethic is all important. I spent many years in public works and know what its like being in the spotlight . Even today with my current employer being out on a new start up and having the mayor asking a million questions as your finishing up a job and a ribbon cutting ceremony just hours away, Visibility and appearance means everything.