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I have over thirty years of experience in sales, operations, negotiations, purchasing, and relationship building in the food service industry.

Put my knowledge to work for you.

Work experience

Aug 1980Feb 2015


Eli Fried Inc

Sales, Operations, and Purchasing are my main responsibilities at our 4th generation, family-owned food service distribution company. We supply bulk ingredients to specialty bakeries, such as dried fruits, nuts, and gluten-free flours. 

Feb 1979Aug 1980

Financial Analyst


This was at the former Eurpoean American Bank (EAB), now a part of CitiBank. My main job was maintaining branch profitability.

Jun 1974Feb 1979

Assistant Secretary, Cost Analyst, International P&R Adjustment Department


These positions were at the former Manufacturer's Hanover Trust, now a part of Chase Bank. Assistant Secretary: Analyzing the cost of corporate banking centers. Cost Analyst: Supervising the profitability of bank products. P&R Adjustor: Responsible for correcting mistakes made by the international P&R department.


Sales Management
Sales are what I am most passionate about.
New Business Development
I transitioned our company across three separate niches (appetizing stores, kosher candy, gluten-free bakers), which meant discovering a new set of customers every decade.
I learned negotiating from my father, the old-fashioned way, over the course of many years.
A company really makes money buying goods. Purchasing was one of my main responsibilities for many years.
I ran a wholesale business, specializing only in selling to other businesses.
Inventory Management
More than just counting boxes; inventory management is also about quality control, and knowing what to inspect for when it comes to food products.
Food has been in my family for four generations. We deal in non-perishable goods, although I do have some experience in produce as well.
Knowing the market, and what our competitors were charging, was a critical aspect of my job at Eli Fried Inc.


Jan 1974Jan 1979

Baruch College, City University of New York (CUNY)

I took all the requisite courses for an Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance. I was three credits short (the thesis) of completing the degree. In 1979 my first child was born and I moved my family out of New York City. Completing the MBA was not considered necessary for the 'track' of a banker at the time.

Jan 1969Jan 1974

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Hofstra University

Why Should You Hire Me?

You probably want to know: Why am I leaving my company?

I am leaving my son to run the business, and take it into the future. 

What I want is a fresh start. A place where I can bring energy and add value every day.

All of my experiences in business are a powerful asset for your company.