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  • Immediate available experienced developer with a passion for analyzes, design, develop and deliver quality enterprise grade application.

  • Have a background in MIS. Extensive experience in handling request from variety management.

  • Goal-orientated, analytical and having passion in application development. Eager to go extra mile to bring success to the company, superior, teammates and peer parities.

  • 7 years of experience in developing multi-tier J2EE Web applications.

  • Proficiency in UI Design, JSF, MVC, Richfaces, Spring, Servlet, RESTful Web service, Tomcat, i18n, design pattern.

  • 5 years’ experience in senior level works. Hold meeting and workshop like Initiative feasibility, Requirement, UI usability collaboration, UAT Review, Release Presentation and User training etc.

  • Address security issues for example Build cleansing layer in application server to block SQL Injection, Setup captcha for login page exposed to public, Encrypting password and sensitive information which stored in DB.

  • Over 16 years of experience in all phases of SDLC this includes Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Implementation, and Post Implementation Support as well.

  • Familiar with Oracle RDBMS, PL/SQL including, Schema design, Packages, Full Text Search, Mview, partitioning tables, BLOB

  • Green card holder. No visa sponsor required. Willing to travel up to 25%

Work experience

Jan 2009May 2014

Senior Analyst Programmer

Wharf T&T Limited
  • As lead developer, expand CRM strategic management modules including Customer Product and Prospect, Sales Team and Access Control List Admin, Customer and Account Profile

  • Define formal issues, bugs and tasks for fellow developers and users by tracking system Bugzilla

  • Assure quality of software delivered from offshore by creating test case, verify result and code review.

  • Supervise and mentor junior developers.

  • Conduct Unit test with JUnit. Assembly submitted code and conduct integration test.

  • Prepare and maintain design document using UML (MS Visio), UI prototyping and data model.

  • Proactive exception detection before problem report. Conduct resolution and just-in-time triage.

  • Prepare UAT plan. Conduct UAT presentation and training session.

  • Handling modification and enhancement requests from various departments. Analyst impact and estimate effort, escalate to MIS management when effort size or complexity exceed certain level.

  • Arrange and schedule production deployment. Verify release submission. Prepare release note and deploy to production servers based on procedure.

  • Monitor CRM production (24/7) application server status with VisualVM, ManageEngine.

  • Perform overall design, development, UAT on CRM management module: Dispute and Case, Fieldwork, Fault Diagnostic. Utilizing various Richfaces 4 components like dataTable, dataScroller, Tree.

  • Revamp the <Mobile Workforce> mobile web app in ASP.NET to a stand-alone public facing Web server of J2EE platform using JSF2.0, JBOSS Mobile Richfaces and JQuery Mobile. UI compatible to smart-phone browsers like: Safari, Opera, Firefox, Chrome etc. Custom make Ant script to build for mobile web server.

  • Drive the Corporate <Customer Product and Prospect> iPad App project to success by defining feasible requirement, negotiating with stakeholders and managing vendor. Implemented RESTful web service with JAX-RS, JAXB, Jersey and Servlet to facilitate iPad app functions like Authenticate to LDAP, MIME payload transfer etc.

  • Own the project <Integrated Service Investigate and diagnostic>. Lead all phases solely including: solution feasibility study, requirement analysis, user stories acquisition, UI prototyping and design, negotiating with stakeholders, documentation and present solution to cross unit managers. It was finally successfully implemented and used by Call Center and Technical Service Office.

  • With data acquired from Servlet Filter and DB, web response performance had been optimized and tuned below 2 seconds (Round Trip) on 90 percentile.

  • Develop Inbound/Outbound Fax channel (through RESTful Web service) as framework component. Use DOM4J to parse XML, Java Mail to manage Exchange server mailbox through IMAP protocol.

  • Implemented Incident escalation engine to notify 4+ level of management
  • Design Pattern: Managed Bean, Facade, Command, Transfer Object Assembly, Composite Entity, ValueList Handler

Environment: Spring 3.0, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Tomcat 7, EHCache, ManageEngine, MS SQLServer 2008, Oracle 10g, Oracle Developer, Jasper Reporting, Chrome developer tools, Red Hat Linux

Jan 2003Dec 2008

Analyst Programmer I

Wharf T&T Limited
  • Pioneered to rebuild proprietary CRM onto J2EE platform and revamp DB schema in Oracle. Using Spring JDBC, RMI, transactions, beans, context

  • Work with architecture team to enforce best practice and design pattern within the team.

  • Oversee CRM system operation from Level 1 to 3 including configuration and system administration.

  • Production DB (Oracle) performance monitoring and query tuning by Explain Plan, Hints.

  • Played pivotal role in various integration project including Billing, Inventory, Data Warehouse, Service.
  • Revamp CRM Incident module and work-flow engine (BPMS) with in-house developed event-rule-action based engine.

  • Analysis and revamp Access Control List security model for 1000+ Sales among 100000+ accounts.

  • Complete Right-Fax server Integration via API using Visual Basic

  • Create monitoring alert on UNIX (IBM AIX) with shell script and command like topas, du, df, ps, vmstat, iostat, grep, awk etc.

Environment: MVC, JSP, JSF MVC, AJAX, Tomcat 6, XML, Log4j, Eclipse, CVS, Ant, Bash, Korn Shell, ER Model

Apr 2001Dec 2002

Analyst Programmer II

Wharf T&T Limited
  • Call center script flow UI development in CRM ( Proprietary )

  • Integrate data (ETL) with other system by developing day-end job with shell script.

  • MS SQLServer DB Development using Stored Procedure, Trigger, Scheduler, Replication, DTS etc.

  • Report development with MS Access

  • Implement the CRM module like Incident, Case, Lead management etc.

Environment: Visual Source Safe, Bash, MS SQL Server, DTS, SQL*Plus, SQL*Loader

Apr 2000Mar 2001

System Analyst

Net profit Center, 
  • Managing customer servers and infrastructures servers like Mail server, DNS servers and web servers

  • Successfully deliver Kodak (Hong Kong) portal in PHP with Shopping cart and Credit Card payment integration with Bank's Gateway

Mar 20001997

QC Engineer

DIAS Automation Co. Ltd 
  • Design and implement all the software that a Semi-Conductor QC machine which priced USD 40K each.

  • Develop common library in Visual Basic and deliver for other machine in form of VBX and DLL

  • The software composed of 10+ screen, 100+ buttons and 1000+ functions. At the end of two years development, this machine had sold at 100+ per year.



Bachelor (Honor) Mechatronic Engineering

City University of Hong Kong


Java web

JBoss Richfaces 4, JSF2 MVC, JSP, Servlet

Frameworks and tools

Spring MVC, JDBC, Transactions, beans context, web service, SOA, REST/JAX-RS, XML, Apache CXF, SOAP

Front-end Technologies

HTML5, CSS3, Java Script, JQuery, JQuery Mobile, CAPTCHA, reCAPTCHA

Application Tools

Eclipse, Tomcat 6-7, Ant, Maven, Bugzilla, Log4J, JUnit, CVS, Subversion, Git, Selenium

Project Management Tools

UML, MS Visio, Word, Excel, Power Point, GnattProject,


Schema Design, Oracle 8i/10g, Explain plan, PL/SQL, MS SQL Server 2008

OS and Platform tools

Windows server 2008, AIX, Red Hat linux, VisualVM, ManageEngine, AWS


Proficiency in English and Chinese


Feb 2013Feb 2016



Project Management Professional