Work experience

Work experience
Dec 2007 - Present

Owner, CEO

Venatoria Network

Venatoria Network provides tips, reviews, consulting and solutions around the following areas:

  • Internet Marketing.
  • Branding.
  • Web technologies and open source.
  • Online businesses management.

We are also launching a set of communities and issues based portals by which we are aiming at creating a full virtual network where professionals can interact and network.

Sep 2006 - Jun 2007

Sales Director

Alpha Engineering

My job responsabilities included the following:

- Setting up the marketing strategy of the company including the packaging of its solutions and products.

- Leads generation and sales activities.

- Managing the clients and partners portfolio.


2000 - 2006

Bachelor Degree

Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management



Branding Strategy - Consulting

I help companies create great brands and leverage the power of branding to grow their business. Brands creation and management. Brands communication and Marketing.

Internet marketing

I do provide training and consulting around the specefic fields of: PPC: Pay Per Click advertising (Google Adword/Adsense like systems). How to drive hight quality traffic using systems like Google Adword? How to monetize your site/blog using systems like Google Adsense? SMM: Social Media Marketing (Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn...). How to leverage the power of social networks to boost traffic to your site and business? How to make your market work for your branding and promotion? SEO: Search Engine Optimization How to make sure you get the most out of Google? Your clients are out there looking for you on Google, is your website displaying in top of their search queries results? Affiliate Marketing: For merchants and companies selling online: Build a solid affiliates system. why spend thousands of dollars in promotion while you  can make top devoted experts sells for you? For marketers and Internet freelancers: How to build a solid and cost-effective business model selling other merchants products? Random Internet Marketing consulting: How to build websites that sells? How to launch, manage, and grow your business online?

Open source and web technologies

Training and Consulting: Content Management Systems (CMS): How to select the appropriate CMS for your organization? Which is the process to follow to leverage the power of your CMS and make sure it fits your information system? Customers Relationship Management (CRM): What is the better organizational scheme to adopt for an optimal sales processes management? What type of CRM to integrate and how to make your sales department be ready for it? How to conduct a cost-effective process to implement a CRM for your business?   Integrations and development: Content Management Systems (CMS): How to leverage the power of open source for your website?   eCommerce platforms. Corporate Websites Social networks and community portals. Customers Relationship Management (CRM): vTiger SugarCRM Other Open source Web appliances: Groupwares and collaborative platforms. Social networks engines. ...


Open source

Bringing people together to develop a system, a concept or a technology and make the resulting knowledge or/and product available for all is simply the most exciting, smart and valuable initiative that human being may find themselves involved within.

I discovered the open source passion with the Linux operating system and it turned out later to a commitment and a professional career.

Internet and online social medias

I don't think someone is able to measure the real impact Internet and online social media have made on the world of today.

I am spending a major part of my time studying and watching the phenomena from different perspectives and turned its business side into a consulting service me and my company are offering.

Religions and history of civilizations 

Religion is one the biggest trends that drove both violence and civilizations.

What makes our humanity is a set of values and beliefs that we mainly learned from religions.

I am particularly passionated and interested about history of civilizations and religions because of the unbelievable volume of inspiration and knowledge we can get studying them.