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Work experience

Career Development Mentor

Ninestar Education and Employment Services

The non-profit company, Ninestar Education and Employment Services, aids the State of Alaska’s Division of Public Assistance to implement the Federal Welfare to Work Act by helping people find employment. I work directly with clients providing structure by developing individual work search plans, creating employment documents, and reporting services provided.


  • Create and conduct education workshops in job seeking, job enrichment, and job retention skills
  • Assist clients in composing and reviewing of resumes, cover letters, applications, and other work search documents
  • Develop strategies and direct activities to assist clients in the endeavors toward self-sufficiency
  • Refer clients to training projects, community resources,  and services that will lead to a higher level of self sufficiency
  • Encourage advancement and monitor progress
  • Maintain client confidentiality and
  • Exercise tact, professional demeanor,  integrity, and maturity in all interaction with clients and public
  • Work with a team to collaborate and meet needs of all clients
  • Document services to the client in internal database system 

Administrative Assistance

Anchor Park United Methodist Church

As the administrative assistant to the church pastors, I handled multifaceted clerical tasks such as; preparing official church correspondence, receive donations for the church, overseeing and scheduling building  maintenance and inspections, authorize, provide, and track use of church keys, oversee and record check-out and maintenance of church vehicle, and receive and relay all manner of communications; e-mail, postage, phone calls to pastors, staff, committees and groups both inside and outside of the congregation. I would maintain a master schedule both online and in print for events and groups meetings at two churches. Using MS PowerPoint, I created the visual presentations for Sunday services for both churches. I also wrote and published a weekly and monthly newsletter for the congregations.



University of Alaska Tech Prep

During the Spring of 2011 I completed an internship with the University of Alaska Tech Prep Program. The Tech Prep Program is a partnership between the University and other educational institutions statewide designed to strengthen links between secondary and postsecondary education by promoting employable skills students can transfer from school to work. Tech Prep allows students to earn college credits without having to duplicate classes providing a head start on a certificate or degree in the student's area of interest.

My assignment was to create a formal report based on telephone interviews with students. The purpose of the interviews was to give Tech Prep an idea of how well the program was getting information to students, and how many students were using the program and extrapolate the information based on student's responses.

In addition to quantifying how many students were already attending or were interested in pursuing post-secondary education, my goal was to answer any questions students may have within my ability as a student or do my best to direct them to the right contact, department, or resource.


  • Communicate effectively with the department for clarification of goals, scope and purpose, authorizations, and to outline and update throughout the project
  • Analyze existing data to identify specific students to contact
  • Create a call list database using Microsoft Excel
  • �Maintain confidentiality of student information
  • Create a survey outline of questions to ask students answers with department approval
  • Create a formal report for using data extrapolated from survey
  • Share information with students regarding my personal experience as a student who had taken classes that they may be interested in taking
  • Provide advising contacts and resource information to students

Computer Lab Technician

University of Alaska Statewide Corporate Programs

As a contractual employee of the University of Alaska, I was hired to help install and run a computer lab to provide access to computers and the Internet for residents of Alaska Housing Finance Corporation.

through my contacts and position at my previous job, I was recommended for this position by the administrator and Instructional Computer Lab Technician for the Gateway Learning Center. I was known to the contract originator to be trustworthy, dependable, capable, and need minimal supervision. 


  • �Downgrade computer operating systems from Windows Vista to Windows XP by reformatting and re-imaging the drive, wiping out the existing operating system, programs, and settings, and then re-installing the Windows XP OS, including all drivers and manual installation of IP addresses.
  • �Install software, set individual permissions, ran antivirus scans, and kept computers updated.
  • Custom install MS Office 2007 per Certiport specification.
  • Set up network printers by IP address.
  • Provide information for yearly inventory reporting to Alaska Housing Finance Corporation on all equipment used in computer lab
  •  Keep records of computer usage to provide data for quarterly reports
  • Assist clients with activities such as computer research for training, employment, online applications, and word processing functions
  • �Share with clients with information on community and educational resources
  • Keep the lab clean and organized
  • Create and enforce rules for the lab and facility use
  • Maintain confidentiality of sensitive information
  • Coordinate with two agencies to service contract
  • Successfully Grew the program from little to no attendance to maximum capacity
  • Was recommended for appointment to the position through contacts made at a previous position

Youth Lab Program Coordinator

AmeriCorps/Alaska Housing Finance Corporation

As a member of AmeriCorps I was contracted to work for the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation as the Youth Lab Program Coordinator. Our primary clients were the Fairview community and residents of public housing.  The youth lab provided school-aged children assistance with homework/tutoring, educational activities, mentoring, computer instruction, and life skills training while promoting character building through Learning for Life curriculum, and community pride in partnership with the Municipality of Anchorage Adopt-A-Park program. Through cooperation with several community agencies, the Youth Lab was extremely successful and popular with our clients. The program grew from five clients to twenty-five regularly attending clients by the end of my year of service.


  • Serve on the planning committee from beginning through completion of the Fairview Works Spring Job Fair and the Annual Gateway BBQ.
  • Coordinate with the Fairview Community Recreation Center to expand program activities and services available to clients.
  • Initiate and followed through with the Adopt-A-Park volunteer grounds keeping and community garden.
  • Attend a Tutor Training workshop at the Anchorage Literacy Project to enhance my skills in communication to better serve a diverse community
  • Coordinate with Food Bank of Alaska to provide healthy meals and snacks year round to clients by attended training classes for the Food Bank of America to participate in the Summer Food Supplementary Program
  • Receive certification from State of Alaska for food and safety sanitation.
  • Maintain weekly inventory and reporting of meals provided to the Food Bank of Alaska.
  • Create and published a monthly in-house newsletter and calendar using Microsoft Publisher.
  • Complete a monthly impact report quantifying and providing detail of the hours spent on the project, in the community, in training, fundraising, education hours, any time spent recruiting volunteers, and provide examples of where the program had success.
  • Organize and coordinated with the Volunteers of America to bring free books for children to several locations and events.
  • Computer instruction, job search, and resume assistance to clients as well as advice regarding available community resources.
  • Participate in the Martin Luther King Day of Service community service event
  • Volunteer as a classroom aid at the Fairview Elementary School

Letters of Recommendation

Honor Society


Rocky Reeves

Rocky Reeves has been in business for over 10 years. He is a pioneer in for the local health and fitness industry in Anchorage specializing in boot camps and group training.

Pete Takak

Pete Takak has been working as the Instructional Lab Technician for UAA at the Gateway Learning Center for over 10 years. During the time I worked at Gateway as the Youth Lab Program Coordinator, Pete taught me a lot about computers. He also recommended me for position as Lab Technician with the University.


Microsoft Office Suite



University of Alaska Anchorage

I am currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Management Information Systems through the University of Alaska Anchorage


Customer Service

International Customer Service Association

Occupational Endorsement Certificate Bookkeeping Foundations

University of Alaska Anchorage

Occupational Endorsement Certificate Office Support

University of Alaska Anchorage

Occupational Endorsement Certificate Office Foundations

University of Alaska Anchorage

Occupational Endorsement Certificate Bookkeeping Support

University of Alaska Anchorage

Interest and Activities

Community Activities