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Work experience

Sep 1999Present

Freelance Translator (English to Persian/Farsi and Vice versa)

I am working as the Freelance Translator for more than 12 years.

Dec 2011Dec 2011

Loan Servicing Specialist

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
I was a Loan Servicing Specialist at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage in Minneapolis Campus. We worked on Deficiencies that occurred on Mortgage Loans. In other words, we were an intermediary link among Custodies and DRAs (Deficiency Retail Analysts). The job Was temporaray and Finished after two weeks.
Sep 2005Jun 2011

Head of Admissions Office- Faculty Member

Rahedanesh Institute of Higher Education

A: Duties

-Scheduling semester courses for university students.





- Other Admissions affairs.

B: Papers

-Yahyazadehfar M,ZaliMandH.Shababi,2011, "Determinants of investors' financial behavior




2005,"Day-of-the-week effect on emerging stockmarkets:anempiricalsurvey",Shiraz humanitiesandsocialsciencesjournal,Vol22 (2),pp178-195.

-YahyazadehfarMandH.Shababi,2005,"Day- of-the-weekeffectonemergingstockmarkets: aliteraturesurvey",Firouzkouh'sIslamicazad universityquarterlyjournalofmanagement,Vol


-Yahyazadehfar M, Abounouri E and H.Shababi,

2006,"Day-of-the-weekeffectonTehran stockexchangeusingCLR,ARCH&GARCH models",IranianEconomicReview(IER),Vol11 (16),pp149-164.


2010, "A comparison between growth and valuestocksinTehranstockexchange", IranianEconomicReview(IER),Vol14(25),pp


-YahyazadehfarM,ShababiHand M.Rezazadeh,2007,"Appraisingthe performanceofportfoliomanagementinlisted investmentfirmsofTehranstockexchange", SistanandBaloochestanjournalofhumanities and social sciences, Under review.

-YahyazadehfarMandH.Shababi,2008,"The roleofliquidityfactorandilliquidityriskon excessstockreturnofTehranstock exchange:Across-sectionalanalysis",under review.

-Yahyazadehfar M, Gharoie Ahangar R and H.Shababi, 2009, “AspectofInternetAdvertisinginRelationto Cross-CulturalIssues”, 1stGlobal BusinessSummitConference, Malaysia.  

C: Teaching Experiences


-Pre-university English,B.Sclevel,2005-2011,Rahedaneshinstituteofhighereducation,Iran.

-ProfessionalEnglishforstudentsofmanagement,B.Sclevel,2005-2011,Rahedaneshinstituteofhigher education,Iran.

-ProfessionalEnglishforstudentsofAccounting,B.Sclevel,2005-2011,Rahedaneshinstituteofhigher education,Iran.


-Management Information Systems,B.Sc level,20052011,Rahedaneshinstituteofhighereducation,Iran.

-Investment inStockExchanges,B.Sclevel,2005-2011,Rahedaneshinstituteofhighereducation,Iran.

-Financial Project,B.Sc level,2005-2011,Rahedaneshinstituteofhighereducation,Iran.

-Seminars onFinancialissues,B.Sclevel,2005-2011,Rahedaneshinstituteofhighereducation,Iran.

-Seminars onMarketingissues,B.Sclevel,2005-2011,Rahedaneshinstituteofhighereducation,Iran.

D: AdministrativeResponsibilities

-Head of Admissions Office, Babol,Iran,2005-2011,Rahedaneshinstituteofhighereducation

-Director of Business Administration, Babol,Iran,2008-2011,Rahedaneshinstituteofhighereducation

E: Academic  Position


* I immigrated to USA, therefore the job was terminated.

Sep 2000Jan 2003

English Teacher

Sianat Cultural and Educational Institute

Teaching English During my bachelor degree studies.


Sep 1995Jun 1998

High School Diploma

Sobhan High School


Customer Service
Creativity and Ingenuity
Ability to work with loan softwares (LIV, SMS, DQ, CPI, NTS)
Administrative and Clerical Affairs
Teaching and Researching in Business and Finance Field
Internet- Microsoft Office- Eviews
Translation From English to Persian (Farsi) and Vice versa
I am a native Persian (Farsi) speaker.
Leading work teams and Groups
I worked as the head of Admissions Office in the University.


Mahmood Yahyazadehfar

He was my master degree thesis supervisor and also my employer.

Ahmad Jafari Samimi

He was My Employer and also master thesis referee.

Hassanali Aghajani

He was my master thesis referee.


Sep 2011Sep 2016


Jan 2010Jan 2012


Mar 2002Mar 2004


ADP Australia
May 2000May 2002


MSRT (Iranian Ministry of Science,Research and Technology)









Stock Exchange


Reading Books



Hooman Shababi's Resume


I was a Loan Servicing Specialist at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage in Minneapolis Campus. We worked on Deficiencies that occurred on Mortgage Loans. In other words, we were an intermediary link among Custodies and DRAs (Deficiency Retail Analysts). In addition, I worked as afacultymemberand the headofAdmissionsoffice before and I have theabilitytohandleandleadvarious administrativeAffairs plus the ability to persuadefinancialandbusinessmarketstoobtainbestresults. During The years of My education and also My career path, I worked as a freelance translator (English to Persian/ Farsi and Vice versa).


Dear Employer:

  It is with great interest that I am forwarding my resume for consideration as an employee within your organization. Combining my educational work experience with a long standing interest in business and finance studies, I am confident that I possess the skills and – most importantly – the dedication and commitment to the position in your company. Please consider the following in addition to my enclosed resume:

* Compassionate and sensitive to market data

*  Proven teaching and research experience while completing work experience at Rahedanesh Institute of Higher Education, Iran.

* Outstanding communication and people-to-people interaction skills, with the ability to connect with all people at all levels with confidence.

* Significant experience in customer service positions, including customer relations, cash handling, and point of sale operation.

* Excellent planning, time-management and business writing skills as the head of admissions office and faculty member in Rahedanesh Institute of Higher Education, Iran.

* Ability to Translate from English to Persian (Farsi) and vice versa.

  Currently holding MBA with finance concentration from University of Mazandaran, Iran, I am hoping to gain more work experience within business, managerial or administrative fields which enables me to embark upon a career within the  job market. I believe I have the necessary personal and social qualities, as well as the relevant experience, to do this important work.

  My resume is enclosed to provide you with details of my skills and accomplishments, but I am certain that I can more fully reveal my desire and ability at practical level. Thank you for your time and consideration, and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Hooman Shababi



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