Hooman Abediasl

Hooman Abediasl


1.H. Abediasl, Ali Naqvi, K. Mehrany and J. A. Salehi, “Sensitivity Improvement for On-Off Keying

Optical Receivers by Using Bistable Thresholder ”, Revised to be published in Journal of Light Wave

Technology, JLT,Jul 2008

2.H. Abediasl, K. Mehrany and J. A. Salehi, “ General Case Statistical Analysis of Optically Bistable Thresholders in CULP-OCDMA Networks ”, Submitted in Journal of Light Wave Technology, JLT,Aug 2008

3.H. Abediasl, K. Mehrany and J. A. Salehi,“Stochastic Characterization of Amplified Photons in Lightwave Systems with Optically Bistable Elements”, Submitted inIEEE Trans. Commun.,Aug 2008

4.A. Naqavi, H. Abediasl, K. Mehrany, S. Khorasani, "On the power-bandwidth trade-off in bistable photonic crystal switches," accepted in Photonics West 2009.

5.A.Naqavi, H.Abediasl, M. Miri, K. Mehrany, S. Khorasani, J. A. Salehi, “Optimum Operation of Single Cavity Photonic Crystal Optical Bistable Switches: Application to OOK Communication Systems”, Submitted in Journal of IET Communications, Sep 2008

6.H. Abediasl, K. Mehrany, J. A. Salehi, and B. Rashidian, “Performance Analysis of Optically Bistable Thresholders in Optical Code Division Multiple Access Networks”, Proceeding SPIE, Vol. 6729, 2007

7.S. Abdollahi Pour, K. Mehrany, H. Abediasl, and J. A. Salehi, B. Rashidian, “Analysis of Nonuniform Nonlinear Distributed Feedback Structures by Using Nonlinear Differential Transfer Matrix Method”, Proceeding SPIE, Vol. 6729, 2007

Research Interests

• Optical Communications

• CDMA Networks and Optical Receivers

• Nonlinear Optics

• Entrepreneurship

• Stochastic Processes and Statistical Signal Processing

• Numerical Methods in Engineering (FDTD)

• Quantum Physics

• Control Systems

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Jun 2005 - Present

Micromouse Robotic Competition

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