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Hom Jyoti Adhikari

Environmental Science, GIS & Remote Sensing Professional

Work experience

Jan 2013Present

Graduate Student (Geo-Information Science)

Salem State University
Sharped my knowledge in GIS and Remote sensing through theoretical foundation as well as practical application of ArcGIS, WebGIS, ERDAS IMAGINE & IDRISI software, Spatial Database Design and Analysis using PostgreSQL & Python programming, Advanced quantitative spatial analysis, GIS for Research and Project Implementation. Uplifted my motivation, encouragement and insight in the field of GIS by attending the Second International Conference On Agro-Geoinformatics, Fairfax, VA, USA, 2013, Esri Health GIS Conference, October 14-16, 2013| Cambridge, Massachusetts, and GIS-Pro Conference, September 16-19, 2013 in Providence, Rhode Island

Graduate Research Assistant

University of North Dakota
Through UMAC and with the help of Department of Earth System Science and Policy at University of North Dakota (UND), I had an opportunity to process aerial imageries for Midwest farmers which helped farmers grow crops and increase productivity. This opportunity also helped me to acquire practical and presentation skills, boosted my leadership ability, improve local environmental knowledge, and develop interpersonal skills. Specific job responsibilities included the following: Conducted GIS & remote sensing analysis using ArcGIS 9.3, ERDAS IMAGINE. Analyzed Aerocam, MODIS, Landsat data. Used geospatial tools such as Geo-referencing, Digitizing, Geocoding, Model Builder, Geodatabases. Carried out a designed program of research under the supervision of a designated major professor. Presented data at professional scientific society meetings and attended departmental seminars.

Field Officer

Nepal Health Research Council
Supervised community health survey with reference to Arsenicosis. Designed research study and helped to select the study sites Managed data using Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) software. Produced report and disseminated national level final report. Implemented motto of "researcher should get involved in education science" by taking Initiation of printing and distributing pamphlets and brochures for raising awareness of Arsenic in drinking water and its health effects( Arsenicosis) through Nepal Health Research Council (NHRC) to the affected public during field visits.

Environmental Officer

Solid waste management and resource mobilization center
Disseminated National environmental impact assessment (NEIA) for solid waste management project in municipalities of Nepal Trained municipal officers on solid waste management Monitored landfill sites



Master's degree

Salem State University


The University of North Dakota
Completed dissertation entitled "Ecosystem services assessment of Grand Forks County, North Dakota" Gained hands on knowledge of application of Remote Sensing and GIS in environmental studies. Processed aerial imagery using ERDAS IMAGINE(Georeferenced, geo-rectified, and environmental correction of several aerial images and delivered them to the end user)


Tri Chandra College
Along with the strong scientific foundation of the classes, gained practical aspect of Initial Environmental Examination by being involved with local community. Helped local community in their efforts in construction of regional road that connects hilly region with Terai Region.Participated in various community oriented programmes


Tribhuvan University
Completed dissertation entitled "Arsenic contamination and its health effects in people of Santpur region, Nepal" Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Environment and Energy Remote sensing (RS) and Geographic Information System (GIS) Health system research methodology Analytical Research Design and Analysis Training of Trainer's on Detection, Management and Surveillance of Arsenicosis in Nepal Training on ArcGIS


Python scripting
ERDAS Imagine
Environmental Policy
Environmental Impact Assessment
Spatial Databases
Environmental Awareness
Spatial Analysis
Digital Image Processing and Analysis
Environmental Science
Remote Sensing


Environmental Health Online: Air Supply and Pollution

Chemical Hazard Awareness for Public Health Workers

Introduction to Epidemiology

A Glimpse into Occupational Health and Safety

Health Systems Research Methodology

Training of Trainer's on Detection, Management and Surveillance of Arsenicosis in Nepal

Analytical Research Design and Analysis

Environmental Impact Assessment

Disasters and Ecosystems: Resilience in a Changing Climate

Field GIS: Collecting and Editing Data Using ArcPad 10

ArcGIS Data Interoperability Basics

Using ArcMap in ArcGIS Desktop 10

Basics of Geographic Coordinate Systems

Using Python in ArcGIS Desktop 10

Basics of Raster Data

Sharpen Your GIS Skills Seminar

From GPS and Google Maps to Spatial Computing