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Work experience


Inky Fingers Art School

Director/Art Specialist Teacher

Directing private art school and teaching extensive art programmes to all age groups.

Mission is to provide in-depth art experiences for students. Offering concentrated studies in visual art that include studio practices in drawing and painting; sculpture, mixed media, printmaking; art history and contemporary art; critiquing skills; and aesthetics.

•Teaching and implementing elementary, primary, intermediate and secondary art programmes based on New Zealand Art Curriculum

•Nuture students to discover their artistic talents through completing works of art in an extensive variety of mediums over an 8 week course and/or holiday programs

•Spark enthusiasm to produce artworks of extremely high standard, often use powerpoint, photos and plenty of visual inspiration to encourage motivation and ideas

•Teach art history - referring to techniques/art movements/artists

•Encourage students to reach artistic potential, through one on one and group guidance

•Demonstrate artistic techniques at the start of every lesson to group, then throughout lesson to individuals

•Effectively maintain high student participation through exciting, relevant lessons and unit plans

•Continue to develop new, innovative art programs each term


Hollie O'Neill Ltd

Professional Artist

Professional Artist exhibiting throughout New Zealand and selling art Internationally.

-Administration/ Marketing/ sales of Art Works (see online biography)

-I have spent a large amount of time traveling the world and visiting important art galleries and museums to view and incorporate techniques and knowledge of art history and contemporary art.

-Details of last 2 years exhibitions.  To  see extensive list of achievements view website...

2012 FINALIST:  New Zealand Painting and Printmaking Award 2012

2012 Selected Group Exhibiton: Bethlehem College Fundraiser (CELLoLIFE series)

2012 Private Commissions for clients

2011 Solo Exhibition: Waihi Beach.  CELLoLIFE series

2011 Selected Group Exhibiton: Bethlehem College Fundraiser (CELLoLIFE series)

2011  Selected Group Exhibition: Treasured Art - Tauranga

2011  Selected Group Exhibition: Baradene Art Show, Auckland (New Zealand Natives Collection – Acrylic)

2011  Solo Exhibition: Creative Tauranga. ‘New Zealand Natives’ 

2011  Galleries/Design stores throughout New Zealand showing work from ‘New Zealand Natives’ Collection

Recent Publications

2012   The New Zealand Painting and Printmaking Award 2012 Book

2012    Bay of Plenty Times - Vibe - 'Hard work wins recognition', Thursday, February 16, 2012

2011    Bay of Plenty Times – Full Front page of Arts Section ‘Treasure Trove in Natives’, Thursday, April 28

2011    Creative Beat Magazine – Artist Profile: ’Creating is a life passion’, April Edition

2011    Que Magazine – ‘Our People’ – 3 page story: ‘Making the Kiwi way of life an art form’,Autumn Issue 5

May 20112012

Waihi Beach School

Specialist Art Teacher

Employed to plan and implement Visual Art programmes 

- Taught classes for 2 primary aged classes.

Jan 2001Dec 2003

Bucklands Beach Intermediate School

Specialist Art Teacher (Head of Department)

I raised student awareness, understanding and appreciation of the Visual Arts through creative instruction.

I designed and presented exciting lessons that actively engaged learners, while educating on various methodologies and technical aspects.I provided students with opportunities to reach their fullest potential through creative expression, cognitive processes and a broad range of aesthetic experiences.I assessed and evaluated approximately 850 students per year.

•Developed an innovative, specialized art program implementing New Zealand Art Curriculum school wide, teaching students aged 10 - 13years

•Shared and advised classroom teachers on their own classroom art programme

•Ordered and distributed Art materials school wide

•Provided students with a huge range of experiences in artistic mediums

•Organised and curated School Art Exhibitions with guest speakers

•Designed and implemented relevant lesson plans utilizing age appropriate material and focusing on appropriate subject matter/artists as inspiration

•Effectively maintained high student participation through exciting, relevant lessons and unit plans

•Positively impacted classroom lessons by providing plenty of Visual Inspiration eg:utilising powerpoint presentations, teaching art history, using local NZ Artists and their work as inspiration or starting points for students work

•Held parent teacher conferences to keep parents up to date on their children's progress

• Planned and implemented extension programmes and encouraged children in entering awards



Bachelor of Design and Visual Arts


Speech and Drama (LTCL)

Trinity College of London

Teaching Qualification

Advanced Speech and Drama performance programme


Judy Brown

Judy was the Deputy Principal during my time of employment at Bucklands Beach Intermediate School.  

In my position as an Art Specialist teacher and head of department, she was directly responsible for me.

Jade Tawhiti

Jade was a co-worker at Waihi Beach Primary School.  He is now a principal at Waitakaruru.

I worked with Jades class as a Specialist Art teacher once a week for three terms.


Advanced Yoga

I have practiced yoga for the past 10 years.  By practicing the postures, breathing exercises and meditation makes me feel healthier in body, mind and spirit. Yoga allows me to tune in, chill out, shape up -- all at the same time.

Power walking or Running 

I love to exercise every morning.  I especially like to run or walk through the bush or along our beautiful beach.


I love to swim at our local beach or bush pools, also in swimming pools. 


I have a love affair with both cooking and baking.  I find it therapeutic and another way to be creative, I find great pleasure in cooking for others.

Spending time with family

I believe in working hard during the week and then allocating plenty of time during the weekends to go on adventures with my husband and children whom I adore.

Digital Written Reference

Jade Reference


Parent Comments

"Hollie inspires the children she teaches to let loose their creative energies and explore new, exciting ways to express themselves through art.  With her guidance, they make their ideas 'come to life' and gain the confidence to try new things, always with wonderful results.  Hollie has a natural affinity in working with children of all ages, and her enthusiasm is boundless." 

Deborah Rainham

Cover Letter

It is with great anticipation that I present my e-CV to you for a possible Art Specialist position at your school.  With a Bachelor of Education (teaching) and studying Art and Design at tertiary level, as well as experience teaching as an Art Specialist and Head of Department, also directing and teaching art school programmes; I am confident in my ability to become a productive member of your team.

I have linked my e-CV with this email to support my application. It shows that I would bring valuable areas of expertise to the position, including:

·Classroom Management

·Student Motivation

·Artistic Instruction

·Art History Integration

·Designing and teaching unit plans

·Project leading: I would be happy to project lead a school art exhibition and fundraising event. 

I believe using the school as a central hub for parent, students and teachers; is key in fostering community involvement.

My e-CV will highlight my career accomplishments and demonstrate my solid creative, instructional, and leadership capabilities.  Over the past 10 years I have had the wonderful opportunity to work as a full time professional artist, alongside raising my children at Waihi Beach.  While teaching as an Art Specialist at Bucklands Beach Intermediate, and directing art for the entire school, I had the opportunity to instruct a diverse group of 850 intermediate students.  I then went on to direct an Art School (Inky Fingers Art School).  As a result of practicing as a Professional Artist and having extensive teaching experience I have developed highly effective teaching techniques and instructional methods, which have allowed me to educate all styles of learners and foster an engaging learning environment that effectively teaches art appreciation, promotes creativity and encourages independence.

One of my greatest strengths as an educator is sharing my passion and energy for creating and the history of art. My goal is to increase student motivation, awareness and understanding of the arts while implementing informative lessons that encourage students to be excited about Visual Art.

I welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss how my in depth experience and my unique skill set would benefit your academic program.  Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours Sincerely,

Hollie McLean