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Hodan Abdillahi

Business Intelligence Manager - London


Experienced Business Intelligence Manager with a strong data and strategic based background demonstrated by the history of working in Google, Department for Transport and now at MTR Crossrail .

Heavily skilled in new age analytics systems such as Power-bi, Tableau and Google Analytics with understanding of Microsoft Azure cloud storage.

Experience in delivering strategic and actionable continuous improvement through deep insight and consultation with various level of business.


Work History

Nov 2017Present

Business Intelligence Manager

MTR Crossrail
  • Ensure the provision of high quality and timely analysis and insight to support the business to deliver its company and departmental objectives as well as its contractual obligations, making recommendations for improvements when key business metrics are not achieved
  •  Lead the provision of in-depth analysis and quality assurance for the key contractual regimes
  • producing a strategic actions through deep insight and data stories. 
  • Develop and maintain the MTR DataHub, MTR Crossrail’s central repository of business data (Microsoft SQLServer) and identify opportunities to extend its use
  • Lead the co-ordination of business data from all departments within MTR Crossrail,  automating, wherever possible, the transfer of data and calculation of metrics
  • Lead the development and maintenance of a suite of dynamic dashboards, scorecards and reports.
  • Migrating old databases to cloud storage (Azure)
  • Building and scheduling pipelines and datalakes in Azure for dataset refreshes for BI tools
  • Microsoft PowerBI, providing departments with easy access to their data
  • Lead a team of data analysts, both direct reports and those reporting into other directorates, ensuring that there is a joined-up approach to data analysis and insight throughout MTR Crossrail
  • Support MTR-HK and MTR’s European Office with the provision of data, analysis and insight to support bids for future rail contracts and corporate reporting
  • Be involved in wider business activities (for example, Work Innovation Teams; improvement projects etc) to
    improve business performance
  • Organize and run 'International Data Day' across all MTR subsidies across the world to share best practice and showcase data driven projects
JUN 2016OCT 2017

Senior Business Analyst

MTR Crossrail

  • Spearhead supply chain process improvement and systems implementation projects.
  • Develop metrics used to determine inefficiencies and areas for improvement across the company.
  • Identify process bottlenecks and implemented new and improved processes and policies.
  • Lead cross-functional teams to analyse and understand the operational impacts and opportunities for technology changes institution-wide.
  • Redirected technology master plan toward a forward-thinking approach.
  • Managing business data  to ensure the availability, integrity, confidentiality and security of the data.
  • Ensure bid data is updated regularly & accurately to aid production of bidding statistics & analysis
  • Builds tools and reports to support senior management decision making for risk
  •  Focusing on forecasting and planning and all round business process improvement
  • Gathering and presenting technical data and suggesting necessary reactions to forecasts
  • Business financial modelling based on concession agreement payouts and penalties 
  • Innovates solutions to present alternative approaches to give MTR a competitive advantage 
  • Project managing big data and data lead mobile and tablet application innovation projects.
  • Opportunity searching for future & projects including market entry and project related intelligent
  • Lead opportunities of new product development inclusive opportunity definition, business plan, scope, requirements and executions.
  • Develop complete project design and execution documents along with task-level project plans to arrange external partners and cross-function teams
  • Organising work improvement sessions across the business to review current operating strategies.
  • Present new processes and ideas to improve productivity and performance to be feed into the 'Continuous improvement Project' to support current concession and future bid reports.
  • Analyzing KPIs and providing insight to performance with key stakeholders
  • Analysying missed and achieved concession agreement compliances with the target concession performance to improve performance for next quarterly targets
  • Providing insight using various business intelligence tools to present correlation testing relationships between data available across different departments
  • Auditing business processes /performance and customer satisfaction to provide a quarterly survey and audits results to the business.
  • Relying customer satisfaction results to performance data to provide a better insight from a customer point view.
Jun 2015JUN 2016

Customer Data Analyst

MTR Crossrail

  • Implementing social media communication strategies to improve on provision of information.
  • Lead on creating a social media personality for the company for customer to business communication sessions.
  • Customer relation management - identifying key trends in feedbacks and behaviors via social media & surveys to provide a stronger engagement with the community by producing customer centric improvement plans.
  • Ensuring performance targets and SLA set by the committed obligation under the concession agreement is achieved.
  • Analysing customer satisfaction scores and identifying key areas for improvements.
  • Producing dashboards covering all quality performance regimes and customer relation data.
  • Building  strategies covering  missed and achieved contractual performance and satisfaction targets that have financial reverberations on the business
  • Performed qualitative and quantitative research with existing customers and potential new customers.
  • Quality assuring data (calculations and the  use of the methodology) used when audits targeting  Quality Performance Regimes. 
  • Producing improvement plans /objectives for each department based on regime scores published periodically/quarterly and annually to improve overall performance of the business.
  • Producing  financial risk reports based on prediction for under performing composites.
  • Producing staff briefings based on performance for station managers to use as training material.
  • Community engagement and working through disruptions at stations to improve customer experience. 
March 2014June 2015

Online Data Analyst

Google UK


  • Identifying opportunities for conversion by providing a strategic customer journey. 
  • Quality testing user satisfaction with mobile application and website traffic. 
  • User experience and online behaviour insight reporting
  • Creating strategic online Ad campaigns & Ad operations for retail banks based on their customer profiles to increase conversion rates.
  • Performed qualitative and quantitative research with existing customers and potential new customers.
  • Extracting,cleansing and manipulating large data .
  • Online Content management 
  • Statistical interpretation- producing  ad-hoc/ KPI metrics.  
  • Quality assurance  & data analysis reporting
  • Building strong SEO strategies  through in-depth analysis of key findings
  • Data mining & data standardisation
  • Implementing URLS to different platform serves for data tracking.
  • Using Google Adwords to improve web performance . 
  • Consulting senior managers and stakeholders on ongoing/new projects.



Digital Marketing Analyst (freelancing)

Greenlight Media

Performed analysis on hundreds of websites utilizing Google Analytics to improve traffic
Developed tracked and improved landing pages
Gathered metrics on campaign and collateral material for search optimization
Coordinated the marketing team on creative campaigns and programmatic buying to support digital cross-promotion efforts, including email campaigns, Facebook promotions, outreach and marketing initiatives for an improved end-user experience
Led execution of strategic planning - facilitated strategic planning process to clearly articulate client companies' vision, mission, value proposition, brand architecture and positioning

Oct 2013Mar 2014


Department for Transport
  • Publishing UK quarterly government official statistics and qualitative statistical release.
  • Quality assurance when collecting weekly and monthly data from correspondents
  • Methodological issues in factor analysis and structural equation modeling
  • Multivariate statistical and statistical computing methods
  • Updating and handling large data in the access database
  • Assisting and aiding other divisions in the department with data handling and quality assurance.
  • Large data collection and data entry for UK official national statistics.
  • Consultindg, assisting and aiding management and stakeholders on new projects
January 2012December 2012

Data Analyst (Intern)

Excel Women Centre

Manipulating, cleansing data and processing data.
Quality assuring data and analysing data.
Providing funders with qualitative and quantitative reports of current statistics of active
Advice on the suitability of the methodologies and suggesting improvements.
Researching and experimenting data to provide recommendation.
Extracting and entering raw data.



Business Economics & International Business

London Metropolitan University

Graduated with Upper Second (2.1)



Park Lane College 

Sociology,English,Business and Law



Primrose High School

10 A-C GCSE including Maths English Science and Business Studies


Sept 2016Sept 2016

PRINCE 2 - Foundation & Practitioner 

Knowledge Academy 

Qualification to manage and lead on major Projects.

Feb 2016Mar 2016

QA - Microsoft SQL certification


Intermediate SQL  Course


ORACLE University - Fundamentals of SQL

Beginner SQL Course


Statistical Reporting 

This skills was endorsed at department for transport as I have held responsible for producing the statistical release alongside the national figures. This skill was also further put into practice at Google  & MTR in KPI reporting , senior managerial reporting and stakeholder reporting . 

This skill was also helped to aid the statistical interpretation for the data for non-data users to understand the analysis that has been put together. This often included info-graphics pictures ,graphs and charts. This was then used to highlight the issues, providing recommendations and methodologies to improve performance . 

Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Researching qualitative and quantitative methods was developed in university and this skill was used often used in all roles ever since .  Very, confident and have the ability to address the strengths and weaknesses in every research and highlighting the impact of the findings of the research .

Statistical Interpretation & Concepting

This skill has aided in many idea pitching and consulting . This has helped in my various improvement and action plans that i publish after providing extensive insight to data result.

Data Manipulation

This approach was often used to pull the targeted data required from large data sets . This was done through building queries in Access and SQL or even through pivot table filtering on Excel

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is the main and essential part of day job . I have used methods such as comparison of quarter on quarter to identify any discrepancy of data  and sense check calculations and methodology that is used.

Business Intelligence tools : Google Ad-words & Google Analytic , Power Bi , Tableau

Proficient in all of the business intelligence tools mentioned . They cater for both offline and online businesses as well analysis

Microsoft Excel & Access




Prince 2 - Project Management