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Best Work


Google Docs
I have used Google docs before talisman and I have found it to be very helpful especially for school work. I know how to put in certain characters or symbols and how to share and edit. 
Being Quite
I tend to be a very quite person during Talisman and well I don't mean to be but I think I do it pretty well! The plus of being quite I do get my work done and concentrate more on my work.
Story Ideas
I am not the best at coming up with ideas for issues but I think I am started to get better at getting some.
When I first started Indesign I was in intro to journalism and towards the end of the year we had to design a page and put some of our writings in the right places. We were taught how to make text boxes, frames for pictures, how to arrange things and how to make everything look clean and neat. The first time was confusing and sort of hard to  understand but, after a couple of times I finally understood it
I have learned how to make photos black and white and how to gray scale them as well. Also I have learned how to edit a photo without changing the original photo.  

Highlights, Goals and more

So far my first year on Talisman has been awesome! I love working with everyone on staff and I just like how we are given a lot of freedoms to do things. Everyone gets along well and can be great help to each other, there is a mixed variety of students within the staff. I have never had an experience likes this before, probably some of my favorite memories from this first part of the year is San Antonio and the car bash. San Antonio I got a lot closer to some of the girls on staff and it was great seeing other newspapers and going to Texas! The car bash was really fun because it felt like we were really connected to the student body more. Everyone had fun and we even got to hit and beat up the car as well.

My goals for next semester is to get my work done on time and to make sure I have all my work edited and checked. This first semester I shouldn't have had problems getting stuff in on time, I had a death in my family which really took a toll on my family and home life. I think after that I slacked off more than I should have and I should have been more on top of things then I was. I hope to come up with more story ideas and give the best work I can do for the next issue's.

Staff Improvements

I think some improvements the staff needs is better communication skills, and when I say this I mean like not waiting until the last minute to ask for a picture. Also to know what is done and what isn't done and what can be done. I think when some of our pages are done we kind of just sit there and don't really know what to do until someone asks us. We as a staff are a very social, bubbly, talkative group and that is fun and makes it a fun environment to work in. I think sometimes we get off track and distracted a little too much I think that is a minor thing and not a huge deal. I think a big thing we need to improve on is our editing skills, we have let a lot of things slip through the cracks and it seems like we could do a lot better.


Other activites

Outside of Talisman I am involved with other activities as well throughout the whole year. During the holiday's I am involved with a group called Signs of Christmas which perform Christmas in American sign language. I have been doing signs of Christmas for 5 years, I am involved with them because my younger brother Noah is deaf.

I am also very active in my church youth group some things we do is we go on mission trips every summer to help out others. The mission trips we have gone on within the past couple years are Nehemiah Mission, and CCC or aka Carolina Cross Connections. I love doing mission work for others I really enjoy doing projects like that because I think it is great work to do and it is a great way to help a community. 

Also my youth group visits kids in the juvenile detention center in Marysville, we go for about an hour and do activities with them.This is a very life changing experience it is sad to see those kids in their but they get excited when we visit because it is the only "fun" they get.

During the summer I am also a ZooAid which is a volunteer job at the Columbus Zoo, it is throughout the whole summer. It has really helped me on my social skills with people (strangers). It is taken very seriously we have uniforms, badges, and have strict rules to follow. It is very fun and well it has benefits and is something fun to do in the summer.

I enjoy doing a lot of extra volunteer jobs outside of school and sports, I just like doing all of it and I don't find it a waste of time.

Signs Of Christmas

Nehemiah Mission



Juvenile Detention Center