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Python Programming Language
Currently enrolled in an introductory Python scripting class



I'm John, currently a student at American University in Washington, D.C. I'm currently finishing my freshman year in the Kogod School of Business' Bachelor in Business Administration program. My passion lies in the video game industry, and I aspire to make a future in designing and producing games, hopefully of AAA quality eventually.The game industry is so young, there are so many possibilities in what can still be done and what directions games can be taken in. I fully believe in the concept of video games as both an art form, and as story telling devices. The unique combination of video, audio, and interaction that games bring to the table has never before been seen in any entertainment medium, granting the player an experience a film or song is simply incapable of offering. I'm interested in any studios involved in game development, and am currently working on expanding my programming capabilities.


- Video Games: Playing, discussing, designing

- Music, popular or otherwise

- Language, currently studying Japanese

- Sociology

- Science and Technology in general