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Hiking, backcountry camping, snowboarding, installing renewable energy devices, reading, ultimate Frisbee, disc golfing, skateboarding, baseball, golf, and soccer, computer web design

My Resume

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PAR Stories

Story 1TS: Plan and Organize: Anticipate Problems and Respond with SolutionsIn a new neighborhood in California, the Student Conservation Association members, 9 of us total, including 1 Crew Leader, were doing trail maintenance. There were some challenging situations such as hiking 16 mile dails plus actual trail maintenance. I was 18 and everyone else was above drinking age. We all went to a bar and everyone but myself drank. Most people were extremely drunk. We all started walking home and I encouraged people to stick together. Some people went off anyway and two people actually got injured--they're ankles got twisted on a kirb. I asked everyone to stay where they were and I would illegally get the vehicle (I wasn't old enough or on the policy) and pick them up. I got back and most people had left and I picked the injured people up then went back to the ranch, then searched for the other people that had walked some other way. I searched all over town and finally got everyone. I helped prevent potential injuries and other events that  could have been problematic. Some people felt guilty for the event and decided not to get that drunk again on the crew. I helped the people once back at the ranch to heal up.Story 2TS: Counsel and Serve: Help others improve their health and welfareI stayed in a dorm apartment at a previous college. Many f the students drank and some smoked pot. I and others were sensitive to the marijuana smoke. The others didn't speak up. I was the only one who kept bringing up the problem (at meetings) of people smoking in the dorm until finally they stopped smoking. It was a necessity to stand up for myself and others but at the same time not reporting my friends to the law enforcement. I helped me, the smokers, and the others by reducing the amount their lungs and brains had to deal with the drug.Story 3TS: Leadership: Motivate/inspire others to achieve common goalsI was hiking a mountain with my crew in 2 feet of snow to retrieve rock bars that we had left from a previous hitch. We were all extremely cold and tired but had a ways to go. Some turned back and others were considering it. It was important to retrieve our tools and so I came up with games and stories to keep energy high. We made it to the top, almost. Me and 1 others did make it to the top. I had to carry 55+ pounds of rock bars down in a backpack.


A creative and self-motivated student, trail worker, and farmer with the ability to lift heavy objects and work hard and lead in groups or work alone, seeking a challenging opportunity installing and/or maintaining wind turbines.

Work experience

Jun 2008Apr 2009

General Maintenance Worker

Himalayan Institute

Member of Special Forces team doing woodworking, housekeeping, food preparation, and seminar setup.

Sep 2006May 2008

Rock Wall Monitor

Dickinson College

Because of climbing experience from Joshua Tree National Park I was hired at the Rock Wall at Dickinson College. I taught new climbers the figure 8 knot, harness security, and climbing lingo. Monitored their climbing to give advice/safety tips.

May 2007Aug 2007

Organic Farm Intern

Dickinson College Organic Farm

Worked a  40 hour week planting, double digging, weeding, composting, mowing, and making herbal tinctures and salves.

May 2006Aug 2006

Farm Intern

Butternut Valley Organics

Worked 60+ hour weeks; planted in greenhouses; weeded, weeded, and did some more weeding; cared for livestock including chickens and goats; collected eggs; created farm brochure; transport and setup for selling produce at farmer's markets.

Aug 2001Aug 2006

Deli worker, Cashier, Cleaner

Nature's Grace

A health food store where employees cook, stock shelves, prepare deli items, provide a smile, and keep the store clean.

Sep 2005Mar 2006

Pacific Crest Trail Maintenance Intern

Student Conservation Association

Removed brush for 3 months in Klammath National Forest, Castle Crags, Seiad Valley, created check steps and brushed in Agua Dulce, then finally made check steps and rock walls in San Bernadino on the border of Mexico and California. During the entire 6 months we lived mostly on the trail in all weather. Used McClouds, Pulaskis, Pickmatics, cross-cut saws, chainsaws, loppers, and mules. Received certifications in Wilderness First Responder, Heartsaver First Aid (CPR), Leave No Trace, and Chainsaw use.



Trail Maintenance


Video Editing

Solar car