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Seeking a position in the Mobile Electronics Industy with leadership and advancement potential, which allows the effective utilization of my skills, experience, and expertise.


Doug Dunaway

Troy Pride

My Work


Welder and Fabricator
• Exceptional skills in design and fabrication using metals such as steel, stainless steel, chromoly, and aluminum. • Familiar with structural design for use in automotive as well as other areas.  • Designs and fabricates/repairs automotive performance accessories/installation hardware,, tubular intake and exhaust, engine components and hardware, fuel cells, tanks, radiators, charge air coolers, reservoirs, etc.  • Designs and fabricates custom truck bodies and beds for various vehicles, equipment, fire apparatus, construction, etc.  Proficient in GMAW, GTAW process and interpretation of prints.
PC Based Mobile and Home Entertainment Systems Installation
• Excellent working knowledge of PC based home and car entertainment systems hardware, component selection, assembly, and integration into existing systems. • Military trained and exceptionally skilled in PC hardware troubleshooting and repair or component replacement of CPU units, sound card controllers, and projectors. • Experienced in media file format and conversion programs, media player programs setup and operation. • Experienced with all current Windows operating systems as well as Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, Adobe Photoshop7 image processing.  Some experience with AutoCAD and ond other home design software. • Basic to intermediate knowledge of secure wired and wireless network setup for internet, media and music file, and print sharing.
Automotive Mechanic
• Performs diagnostics and repair of automotive electronic, mechanical, and drive train systems. Troubleshoots using the latest computerized equipment and technical publications to identify and correct faults. • Performs engine overhauls if needed and repairs or replaces engine and transmission or other drive train components. • Familiar with all aspects of forced induction, turbo, superchargers, and other power adders used on domestic and import gas and diesel engines. • Utilizes computer data logging and chassis dynometer to correct and adjust fuel trims, timing, and boost pressures to achieve maximum horsepower and efficiency.
Mobile Audio & Video System Design
• Real world experience in designing mobile electronic systems based on customer needs as well as integration into existing vehicle systems to provide customer with exceptional results. • Familiar with the latest technology and innovation and strives to maintain a useful product knowledge base in order to provide customers with every resource available to achieve the full potential in their system. • Possesses exceptional people skills and strives to provide customers with the highest quality and professionalism during and after their install and purchase. • Takes into consideration all aspects of motor vehicle safety and operation to eliminate any adverse effect that may result from the installation of automotive electronics and accessories. • Insures proper integration of electronics and accessories into vehicle for aesthetics, ergonomics, and safe operation without sacrificing sound quality. • Periodically competed in SQ and SPL competitions at various IASCA and MECA events over the last 20 years and served as a MECA trained Sound Quality Judge for several recent years.
Accoustic enclosure design and fabrication.
• Designs and constructs enclosures, panels, and pods use for mounting and installation of loudspeakers within an automobile using wood, MDF, sheet plastic, lexan, and cloth/fiberglass. • Utilizes computer signal generators and RTA measurement equipment in conjunction with reference speaker enclosures to determine in car low frequency enclosure tuning as well as speaker placement for optimal and accurate sound stage reproduction and frequency response. • Utilizes MIG and or TIG welding techniques to fabricate parts from mild steel or aluminum to be used for motorized amp racks, enclosure racks, speaker and or upholstery panels, battery trays etc. • Exceptionally skilled with both basic and advanced carpentry tools, table saws, routers, drills, sanders and able to provide professional results with a variety of materials. • Finishes fabricated enclosures, interior panels, and pods to factory or custom appearance using the latest materials to include vinyl, cloth, carpet, texture finish as well as base and clear coat paint.
Mobile Electronics Installer
Duties and Responsibilities • Install direct replacements of in-dash audio/video source units retaining functionality of existing factory installed electronics and features with the use of wire harness and antenna adapters, dash kits, and other commercially available integration devices. • Install speakers in factory supplied locations, either direct replacement or with adapters so fit and function are factory like. • Install audio amplifiers with high current power wiring, proper circuit protection, signal input, and output wiring configurations. • Install subwoofers into pre-fabricated enclosures. Properly wire single and dual voice coil subwoofers to the required resistance configuration for the amplifier(s). • Install plug-and-play interface and adapter devices for adding various source components such as portable media players, DVD players, Satellite or HD Radio, etc. • Install communication antennas for GPS, Satellite Radio, Data Systems and other devices without compromising the exterior fit and finish of the vehicle. Knowledge, Skills, and Ability • Thorough knowledge of taking voltage and low current measurements on vehicle electrical systems and aftermarket mobile electronics equipment with a digital multimeter and what the expected normal results should be. • Knowledge and understanding of Ohm's Law and Watt's Law and basic math (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) to combine with electrical measurements taken using a DMM. • Thorough knowledge of electronic components such as automotive SPDT relays, silicon diodes, resistors, and switches. • Thorough knowledge and understanding of series and parallel wiring practices and load calculations. • Thorough knowledge in the use of of various commercially available installation accessories such as dash kits, wiring harnesses, antenna adapters, speaker adapters, line output converters, specialty interfaces for OEM premium audio system replacements, audio patch cables, high current power/ground wiring, circuit protection devices, etc. • General knowledge of security system components and general functionality (including brain, siren, sensors, input/outputs, programmable features, etc.) • General knowledge of remote starter system components (such as high current ignition wiring and transponder interface devices) and important installation considerations (such as hood pin/brake switch safety and common programmable features). • Thorough knowledge of mobile video and rear seat entertainment system components and how they interconnect. Also a thorough knowledge of direct replacement headrest and overhead video screens install. • General knowledge of Bluetooth applied to hands free communication devices for the vehicle. • General knowledge of the Global Positioning System (GPS) operation and how common devices that receive a GPS signal operate in an in-vehicle application. • Exceptional skill to use a personal computer, internet browser, and various technical support software resources. • Exceptional skill to disassemble vehicle interiors without damaging the vehicle or the interior components or where to locate information if disassembly procedure is unknown or not evident. • Excellent ability to establish priorities and work without supervision. • Ability to diagnose and resolve common installation errors through routine troubleshooting before calling on technical support resources.