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What Others Say

" we were in Manaus with the entire SCJ board of directors. I honestly cannot be in Manaus without thinking of you...and the way you championed that initiative with great persistence. It is a great leap forward for our Brazilian company and I am sure will pay dividends long into the future. I thank you profusely for that, and all your contributions to our company.

I wish you and your family the very best.

Take Care, Fisk" March 26, 2010

Fisk Johnson. Chairman and CEO, S. C. Johnson.

“ I wanted to write to you to provide you the resume of one of my former colleagues, Luis Vidal, who recently left S.C. Johnson in Brazil.  You may be wondering why I am writing to you about someone who has left SCJ, but the reasons are quite legitimate and logical”

“In any event, and as you will quickly divine from his resume, Luis is a classically trained and highly experienced General Manager who could offer a lot to any one of a number of FMCG or related industries.  I'd appreciate you retaining his resume on file and keeping him in mind for any opportunities that may avail themselves.  You'd not be disappointed with what he could bring to the table.” January 14, 2010Steven P. Stanbrook. President - Developing Markets Platform, S.C. Johnson

¨ Luis...I would like to personally thank you for your service and many contributions to the company over the years you have been at SCJ. I appreciate, my family appreciates it. I especially appreciate the tenacity and leadership in which you took on to move manufacturing to Manaus. I really think that will be a transformative change for the company. I wish you the very best of the best... and much happiness the future.

Take care of yourself...and I do hope we can cross paths in the not to distant future." December 17, 2009

Fisk Johnson. Chairman and CEO, S. C. Johnson.

“ I had the opportunity to work with Luis Vidal for 4 years at SC Johnson. Luis has outstanding depth and breadth of experience as a Senior Leader/General Manager in the CPG industry. He has worked successfully in some of the most complex business environments in the world (regulatory/tax, legal, labor, supply chain, commercial, safety etc.). Luis is a leader who is willing to make the tough decision, even when not popular. In an ever changing environment, Luis was able to effectively balance the changes with the strategic focus necessary for long term success. He has grown key emerging market businesses and is a strong partner in developing organizational talent. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Luis again in the future.” December 14, 2009

Mark Naidicz. Regional HR Director, Americas, S.C. Johnson

“ I have appreciated the opportunity to work with Luis. Luis is able to combine candor and accessibility; intelligence and wisdom. Luis is logical and constructive in his thinking and in the application of that logic. He has the tenacity to drive for results, the perseverance to work through challenging situations, and the courage to ask and answer tough questions.”December 17, 2009

Joyce Richman. Owner, Joyce Richman and Associates, Ltd.

" Gracias Luis, te tengo un gran respeto y desde lejos, mirare tus exitos en Brazil "  November 24, 2004

William d. Perez, CEO, William Wrigley Jr. Company; former CEO, Nike and S.C. Johnson 

" Luis, you might be disappointed by the brevity of these notes....but the fact is that I am very pleased with the direction you are taking and only have a few comments that I want to note for the record! " May 14, 2001 

William d. Perez, CEO, William Wrigley Jr. Company; former CEO, Nike and S.C. Johnson


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Mais sobre mim e minhas realizações em  PORTUGUÊS

Game Changer


Proven Results

Professional Experience

Became CEO/General Manager through a 20+ year career in public and privately owned multinational companies mostly Fortune 500. The last 15 years as President SC Johnson Brazil and Andean Region General Manager.

  1. Skilled dealing with Latin America’s uncertainty, ambiguities, and economic upheavals.
  2. Possess broad understanding of the regional cultural minutiae and Consumer Goods market dynamics.
  3. Proven track of results for all stakeholders achieved by focusing on people, innovation, sustainability, quality, and efficiency.
  4. Proficient leading by means of strategic direction, planning, and organizing around selected focused objectives.
  5. Capacity and sensitivity to lead high profile professionals and teams of diverse backgrounds through complex situations internationally.
  6. Solid experience in overhauls and turn around as well as in acquisitions and integrations.

Case Study FGV


Board Director


Work experience

Jul 1999Dec 2009

President/General Manager Brazil

SC Johnson

During tenure annual average Sales and Profit growth were 12% and 30% respectively; while reaching 98% employee commitment index. Through innovations and shifting priorities achieved significant market share gains in priority categories in line with strategic plan objectives.Identified important opportunities in Manufacturing, Logistics and Sales which ensured the business long term sustainability and resulted in an eight-digit annual profit increase in R$.



Jul 1995Jul 1999

General Manager Andean Region (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela)

SC Johnson

Delivered annual growth in Sales of 18% and in Net Profit of 51% in the Region; and achieved an Excellent rating in employee opinion survey. Created the subsidiary in Peru envisioning geographical expansion; and identified acquisition targets leading the due diligence and negotiation processes, which resulted in the acquisition of a company in Venezuela, and the second most important brand in a key category in Colombia. Restructured and centralized administrative functions within the Andean Region countries creating a Shared Service Center which enhanced efficiencies while reducing costs.

Jan 1994Jul 1995

Commercial Director Andean Group (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela)

SC Johnson

Developed and deployed the strategic marketing plan which coupled with actions to significantly increase distribution resulted in double digit market share growth in key categories in Colombia and Venezuela.


Marketing VP

Cisneros Group / Yukery Venezolana de Alimentos

At Yukery Venezolana de Alimentos a leading producer and distributor of fruit juices, ketchup, chocolate, baby food and pasteurized milk; part of the Cisneros Group of Companies - I focused on professionalizing the Sales Force while reducing sales expenses by 10%, equivalent to US $ 4 million.


Marketing and Sales Director

Warner Lambert

Responsible for OTC Health products, Personal Care, and Confectionery in Puerto Rico; and managing two separate Sales Forces and the Marketing department; I achieved Revenue and Profit Contribution increases of 20 % and 25% respectively, while doubling OTC drugs sales.



Global Executive Excellence Programme


Social Work