Jul 2011 - Present

Executive MBA

George Washington University

Navies is enrolled in the STAR EMBA™ at The George Washington University School of Business, a fully-accredited specialized Executive MBA program for individuals with strong personal brands such as professional athletes, artists, and musicians. With a focus on success, leadership and social responsibility, the program’s small classes and highly-targeted curriculum are designed to teach accomplished individuals how to leverage their current career success into business and social achievement. Courses are customized around each individual’s time commitments, allowing students to obtain a degree and develop positive business opportunities while still active in their current careers.

Feb 2010 - Feb 2010

Harvard University

Navies attended the NFL Business Management and Entrepreneurial Program as part of an ongoing initiative by the NFL and the NFL Players Association, in collaboration with Harvard Business School, to assist players in preparing for life after football.

The one-week curriculum is taught by full-time HBS faculty and focuses on topics such as business operations, negotiation, business plan analysis, and legal aspects of business that players face. In addition to the analysis and discussion of relevant case studies, which is a core part of every academic program at HBS, the program will include classes and workshops that emphasize entrepreneurial opportunities and business management.

Apr 2006 - Apr 2006

University of Pennsylvania

Navies attended the Aresty Institute of Executive Education & Wharton Sports Business Initiative Program. 

The program delivered Impact Through Education®, a comprehensive, ongoing educational and practical approach to executive development extends well beyond the traditional one- or two-week classroom experience. This continuum includes needs assessment techniques that result in highly targeted program design, technology platforms to engage participants and their managers back in the work environment, brainstorming sessions to discuss barriers to implementation, and voluntary coaching programs.