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Bachelor Music (Practical Composition)

Victorian College of the Arts

Composers of the twenty-first century are required to create sound for a diversity of contexts and utilise a diversity of styles and approaches. In the Practical Composition Stream I had an opportunity to work in a highly practical environment and develop skills in creating sound for many contexts. This included composing music for a range of media including Film, Animation, Dance, Drama, Concert Performance and Orchestra. The emphasis in the course is on the making of sound often through collaboration and the realisation of new work in a live performance event. The main focal points of the course include: Materials of Composition, Orchestration, Ensemble, Conducting and Direction, Cross-media Elements, Professional Development and Collaboration. In addition, I took part in the elective modules of Film Composition, World Music Ensemble, Harmonic and Contrapuntal Devices, PA and Midi, Alexander Technique and Advanced Orchestration. The composition students have access to the Composition Studio, which has computer facilities incorporating Pro-tools, Sibelius and Finale, along with a mixing desk, a Korg Triton sampling workstation, and a video capture card with film monitoring facilities. I also utilsed my own tools and small studio in the completion of the course.

Work experience


Orchestral Librarian

Puccini Festival Australia
  • Preparing parts and scores for rehearsals and performance
  • Working with Orchestral Manager to seek and employ players
  • Setting stage for rehearsal and performance
  • Arranging and serving refreshments for musicians and staff.
  • Ensuring the smooth running or rehearsals and performance

Superviser/Cashier/Lay-by Attendant/Customer Service

Big W Karingal
  • Providing customer service
  • Supervising checkout staff
  • Rostering breaks
  • Answering phones
  • Dealing with customer complaints
  • Cash handling


Utassy Ballet School

Instructing young children in the art of creative movement, facilitating a love for dance and the arts, developing their musical and movement skills. Accompanying ballet classes, traditional repertoire and improvisation.


Private Tuition

Piano Teacher

Subscriptions Marketer

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

Contacting the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra's previous subcribers to market the program for the new year and generate new subscriptions, taking bookings over the phone, promotiong the orchestra and it's annual repetoire.


Orchestral Manager

Victorian College of the Arts

Working closely with the Concerts Coordinator and conductor to:

  • Engage players
  • Schedule rehearsals
  • Prepare parts and score
  • Provide players with parts
  • Set up rehearsal room and stage
  • Provide refreshments for conductor and musicians
  • Ensure the smooth running of rehearsals and concert program


Performing Arts, Dance, Music, Improvisation, Collaboration, Mixed Media, Film, Animation, Literature, Fine Art



OPSACS Day Program

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne New Orchestra

Melbourne, Australia

Resurrection Primary School

Melbourne, Australia

Utassy Ballet School

Melbourne, Australia


Mark Clement Pollard

Dr David Kram