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  Banking and Insurance (Checks, EFT, ACH, International ACH, Benefits) Manufacturing (Purchase Order cycle including PO Changes, PO Acknowledgments, Ship Notices, Invoices, etc.) Supply Chain (Lean Kanban) Logistics (Load Tenders, Shipment Status, etc.)
  PMI Methodology ITPLC and SOA SDLC (Emerson)
SOA Governance
  Oracle Enterprise Repository and other SOA Governance Suite Products Oracle Business Intelligence Reports for Governance
  Technologies: Java, Web Services, BPEL, XML, Unix & Shell Scripts, Messaging Standards: X12 EDI, OAGis XML, Rosettanet Transport Protocols: FTP, FTP/SSL, FTP/SSH, HTTP(S), AS2, SOAP Security Protocols: GNUPG / PGP Encryption & Decryption, Public/Private Key, Digital Certificates
Project Management
  Clarity, Project Management product from CA Microsoft Project HP OpenView Time and Resource Management Tool AIA Project Lifecycle Workbench
  Oracle SOA Domain Model The Open Group's Architecture Framework (TOGAF)
Middleware Solutions
  Oracle Fusion Middleware 10g and 11g SOA Suite (BPEL, ESB, OSB, Web Services), AIA, ODI Sun Java CAPS Suite (eGate, eXchange) and SeeBeyond Integration Suite

Work experience


SOA Architect & Project Manager (Consultant)

Emerson Electric Co.

SOA Architect and Project Manager (Consultant from SS Inc) at the Integration Center of Excellence (ICoE) of Emerson Electric, Corporate IT, St Louis, MO, USA.

ICoE provides integration deployment and operation services in Application and Business Integration Solutions across Emerson and its global divisions.

My role at ICoE:

Project Initiation: Study Emerson applications & processes and the integration needs of Emerson divisions with its Suppliers, Partners, Banks, and Service providers.  Translate requirements into functional specification with Solution, Time and Cost estimates. Work with PMO in initializing the projects and securing project approvals.

Architect and Design: Develop the architecture and technical design based on the functional requirements. Identify the integration touch points, adapter usage, data mappings and translations.  Validate the architecture against requirements. Enforce architecture and security standards in the recommended solutions. Perform competitive product analysis and evaluation.

Project Management: Following the Emerson's IT Project Life Cycle, manage project activities, create project plans, update project records, create tasks and work breakdown structures, schedule the tasks for development and assign teams, and monitor the development activities.  Provide milestone updates to stakeholders, and dash board view to executive management.

Development and QA: Perform internal audits on the projects, review the interfaces developed for quality.  Mentor development team providing subject matter expertise. Supervise Integration Testing, conduct User Acceptance Testing and Go live. Manage change.

Administration: Coordinate with support team on the 24/7 production support activities. SLA management and reporting. Address Disaster Recovery requirements and planning. Conduct necessary administration of JCAPS and OFM environments for high availability including software installation, version upgrades, product migrations, and applying emergency software patches. Participate in Development and QA  team selection process.


  • Architected and designed JCAPS and OFM SOA solutions and performed Project Management activities for close to 100 integrations.
  • Designed and implemented B2B Transaction Hub connecting customers, suppliers and logistic partners exchanging various business transactions in industry standard messaging formats in OAG XML and X12 EDI.
  • Designed and implemented secure integration from Oracle E-Business Suite for exchanging confidential information with 8 international banks, 22 insurance and 6 financial service providers.
  • Designed and implemented Data Compliance Validation Services to validate more than 10,000 EDI transactions flowing through the Transaction Hub per day.
  • Designed SOA and Oracle AIA based integration to applications including Aceva Collection Management Application and Avant Garde Receivables Application (12 divisions), Ultriva E-Kanban Application (10 divisions, 60 transaction types, thousands of transactions per day), and Vendavo Price Management Application (10 divisions).
  • Managed and lead two geographically located offshore development teams, each consisting of 4 to 6 members varying as per the project. Managed offshore consultant team of varying size from top consulting companies.
  • Managed planning and relocating applications and services to the Emerson's prestigious Global Data Center.
  • Coordinated in managing offshore 24/7 support team of 5 members.
  • Designed High Availability and Disaster Recovery Process for OFM SOA and JCAPS projects.
  • Played a key role in the selection process and training an offshore development team in Mohali, India and QA team in Xi’an, China.

Technologies and Tools:

Oracle Fusion Middleware: SOA Suite 10g and 11g (ESB, OSB, BPEL, Web Services), Application Integration Architecture (AIA FP), Oracle Data Integrator  (ODI), Enterprise Repository, Enterprise Manager

Sun Java CAPS: Java CAPS 5.1.3 (eGate and eXchange, including SeeBeyond SRE and ICAN)

Project Management: Clarity Project Management, Microsoft Project, HP OpenView

Methodologies: Emerson's ITPLC, SOA SDLC

Others: OAGIS XML, X12 EDI, Shell Scripts, PL/SQL Scripts, Secure protocols (SSL, SSH, HTTPS, SFTP,  FTPS, AS2, PKCS), HP System Management Tools, Solaris/Unix Resource Monitoring Tools


Project Manager

Wipro Technologies
  • As a Project Manager and Technical Consultant for Emerson ICoE, Corporate IT, designed and implemented various Application and Business Integrations. Designed and implemented Transaction Hub using JCAPS eXchange with X12 EDI messaging standard for integrating  the enterprise with suppliers, customers and logistics partners.
  • As a Project Manager and Technical Consultant for Emerson Motor Company, implemented EDI interfaces with their trading partners (Whirlpool, Electrolux, Nordyne, Grainger, etc). Designed and implemented a seamless integration of trading partners with Oracle E-Business Applications and B2B integration using SeeBeyond eGate and eXchange.
  • As a Technical Manager for National Grid Transco, UK, designed the SeeBeyond environment and managed setup and maintenance. Implemented solutions integrating legacy systems at Transco using SeeBeyond eGate in streamlining and improving its utility business.

Technologies and Tools:

Sun JCAPS 513, JCAPS eXchage 513, SeeBeyond eGate 453, eXchange, 453 ICAN 505, eGate SRE 505, Java, X12 EDI, XML, Oracle database, SQL Server, Sun Solaris, Shell Scripting, PL/SQL, SFTP, AS2, GNUPG


Technical Manager

Hexaware Technologies
  • As a Technical Manager for Unilever Best Foods, NJ, USA, automated the recruitment process by integrating the Unilever's country specific job sites and third party HR application with PeopleSoft HRMS eRecruitment using PeopleSoft Integration Tools.
  • As a Technical Consultant for Burns e-Commerce Solutions, Manchester, UK, developed a web managed Financial Exchange service for processing bulk payments and remittance advices across international banks using webMethods.
  • Implemented innovative consulting strategies, increased customer satisfaction and increased consulting revenues.

Technologies and Tools:

webMethods Integration Server 4.6, webMethods B2B 4.0, Vitria BusinessWare

PeopleSoft Integration Tools, ASP, HTML, Apache, Weblogic Application server


Project Engineer

SE Technologies
  • Customized and implemented MANMAN MRP Manufacturing module for Neutrogena.
  • Integrated MANMAN MRP system with BaaN ERP for the Manufacturing module.
  • Integrated BaaN ERP and Siebel Sales Enterprise using CIIMPLEX consortium standards and J2EE Technologies.

Technologies and Tools:

BaaN 4c3 on Windows NT with BaaN Base and BaaN Tools, Siebel, MANMAN/C on VAXVMS with VAX-DBMS, Java, JMS, JSP, HTML, Servlets, IBM XML Parser, CIIMPLEX standards


Audit Assistant

Hariharan & Co
  • As an audit assistant of a leading accounting and auditing firm, carried out various financial, cost and process improvement audits for premier Indian companies in various discrete and process industries.

Standards and Tools:

Chartered Accounting Standards of India, Tally accounting application




University of Mysore

Three year, six semester, full time post graduate masters degree in Computer Applications



University of Mysore

Three year, six semester, full time graduate degree in Business Management

SOA Architect


PM Professional


SOA Governance Program

As part of user initiation to the SOA Governance Program at Emerson, demonstrated Asset Life-Cycle Management in Oracle Enterprise Repository, which is the core product of the Oracle's SOA Governance Suite...

Preview: Asset Life-Cycle Management


I am a Project Development Manager and Solution Architect in the areas of Application and Business Integration implementations and delivery spanning 8 years out of my 12 years of total IT experience. Along the way I have accrued multitude of skills in technology, architecture, project management and people management 

I have architected and managed the development of more than 100 complex integrations covering A2A, B2B and B2C with applications, customers, suppliers, and financial service providers. With that experience, I bring rich skills in project management of integration engagements; architecting, designing and implementing of end to end Enterprise Integration projects with Oracle Fusion Middleware SOA Suite, Sun Java CAPS Suite, and other technologies.

I have expertise in managing offshore development teams comprising of leads, developers, support engineers and administrators. I have lead the process of SOA team building from resource selection to managing training delivery and evaluation.

I have been instrumental in SOA Governance in defining policies, standards and guidelines for SOA Repository, SOA Reuse, ROI Reporting, Version Control, Change Management, and Deployment Processes. My other initiatives include work in SOA SDLC, SOA in Social Media for Organizations.

I hold Masters Degree in Computer Applications and Bachelors Degree in Business Management. I possess the ability, leveraging on my educational background, to bridge the gap between Business and IT translating business requirements into solutions.

I also hold the industry recognized credentials in PMI Certified Project Management Professional, Oracle Certified SOA Architect, and TOGAF Certified Enterprise Architect.


Social Media in Organizations

About tweeting application notifications on, similar to email notifications, via Fusion Middleware SOA Web Service...

Article: Tweeting from Fusion Middleware


Certifications and Trainings


  1. Oracle Certified SOA Architect (2010)

  2. PMI Certified Project Management Professional (2009)

  3. TOGAF 8 Certified EA (2009)

  4. Vitria BusinessWare 3.1 Certified Developer (2002)
  5. webMethods Certified Enterprise Integration 4.5 Developer (2001)
  6. webMethods B2B 4.0 Certified Developer (2001)
  7. Sun Certified Java Programmer (2000)


  1. SOA Architectural Concepts and Design Principles - Oracle University (2009)
  2. Organization, Planning & Architectural Considerations for SOA - Oracle University (2009)
  3. Oracle Technical Workshop by Oracle Education (2009)
  4. Oracle Fusion Middleware SOA Suite Trained by Oracle Education (2008)
  5. Oracle AIA Foundation Trained by Oracle Education (2008)
  6. Sun Java CAPS 5.1.x Trained by Sun SeeBeyond Inc., (2006)
  7. ICAN 5.0.x Foundation Integration Suite Trained by SeeBeyond Inc., (2005)
  8. ICAN 520 B2B Solutions Trained by SeeBeyond Inc., (2005)
  9. SeeBeyond Integration Suite Training by SeeBeyond Inc., (2003)
  10. Wipro Technologies workshop on Quality and Six Sigma (2003)


Articulate the architectural vision, gather client requirements, conceptualize and propose integration approaches, validate the architecture against requirements and design solutions using industries best practices.

Project Management overseeing multiple projects responsible for all aspects of the project over the entire project life (initiate, plan, execute, control, close) including cost, schedule, resource and execution management.

Manage project development following SDLC from original concept to final implementation.

Team Management and coordination of geographically located multiple off-shore development and support teams.

Demonstrate expertise in multiple areas of technology (network, hardware, software, security, data architecture, component-based architecture, application and web architecture, and content management) providing a one-stop technical architecture resource for project opportunities.