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Some sites I've done

Work experience

Feb 2007Present


Tmi Hannu Matilainen

Developing web-based projects for different small to medium-sized companies (10 - 1500 persons)

Nov 2009Present


Indiedays Oy

Technology responsible for largest blog media in Finland with over 50000 daily visits and 1,5 million page views a week and with average time spent on page per user being over 7 minutes.

Mar 2008Nov 2009

Senior Software Developer

Talentor Group Oy

- Developing software based on technology concept (ERP, old recruitment portal, designing new recruitment portal, home pages)- upholding subcontractor relations- developing business practices based on software (productizing)- personnel training- upholding company partner relations- marketing services and measuring the results

Sep 2007Mar 2008

Software Developer

Creanor Oy

Developing CMS-platform sold to the customers and developing applications for the CMS-platform- day-pay loan application (money transfers, APIs etc.)- upgrading homepages for new stock-company- partly developing CRM for company selling apartments

Jan 2007Sep 2007

Software Developer

Snoobi Oy

Developing in-house CRM which is now also used by partners in Netherlands and Latvia (as well as in Finland) to help do sales better and more efficiently.

Feb 2004Dec 2006

Software Developer

Computailor Oy

- Planning and developing tailoered software for customers- support for own software- software support for sold hardwares

Jan 2003Nov 2003

Software Engineer

Orbis Oy

- developing in-house documentation platform- designing user interfaces


Aug 1999May 2003

Software Engineer

Espoo-Vantaa Institute of Technology

Majoring in software engineering and information technology.

My thesis was about content management and multi-channel publishing in extranet environment and it scored 5 out of 5.  I've gained enough experience now to view my thesis work as quite immature and I know multitude of ways how it could be so much better.


Marko Seppälä

We worked together at Orbis and since then with some other projects of my own.



Guerilla marketing
Finding new ways to efficiently sell to clients with low or no cost to self
Productizing new services from concept to franchising
User it successfully in multiple customer projects
Used it successfully in multiple customer projects
C / C++


I strive to gain more understanding about sales and marketing so I can help my company to be more effective in developing, producing and selling services to clients. I try to be the bridge between sales and development. I want to be in control of the big picture: the whole productization from birth of service to the point of sales.


My objective is

  • to design new, interesting and useful services to b2b-customers
  • to be responsible for developing new services
  • to be responsible for the productization process of new services
  • to help in marketing for b2b customers
  • to take responsibility for the profitability of services I'm responsible for
  • to develop my own skills
  • to enlarge my network
  • to be usefull for clients
  • to find new interesting business ventures
  • to network with new and interesting people
  • to have time for kids and family
  • I try to steer clear of organizations which just try to do things right (and not also the right things) and concentrate only on things which are fun (and not in things which are important). Of course these things don't rule out that it's possible to do fun things, which are important, are right and can be done right.
I want to develop my skills for the benefit of myself.  I also read a lot of books related to my career and then turn the knowledge into practice, as it's the fastest way to gain new information of which works and which doesn't. I'm also not afraid to try out different things, because as Mark Twain said: "Good decisions are based on experience. Experience is based on bad decisions". If something doesn't work I'll find a another way to make it work.


I'm interested in continually developing myself and to learn new and vital skill needed to further my career.

Currently I'm developing myself in the following areas:

- Agile Principles in project team environment ( Scrum, XP )

- Visual presentation

- Best software practices

- Leadership