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Work experience

Jun 2009Present

Web Developer/Masher of

Sep 2005Jan 2008

Web Developer

toot Corp
Developed blog aggregation service Toot ( TAN (toot Advertising Network) and developing key features and integration on photo and video sharing application using Amazon web service.
Jul 2002Jan 2003

Owner / Developer


Recently attended

  • June 22th, 2009  Cultural in Arab World & Globalization - (Prof Salim Sari - Arab & Uk Social Science Association)
  • June 3rd, 2009  The Role of Scientific Research in National Development Lecture.  (Dr Adnan Nayfeh).

Community Work/Service

  • Community work with & Aramex during Gaza humanitarian crisis.
  • Active speaker about FLOSS in Jordan University & Princess Sumaya University. 2007/8
  • Ubuntu Jordan LoCo Team leader -
  • Ubuntu Arabic Team leader -
  • Active volunteer with the Family International - (2004 - 2007)
  • Served at the Prince Ali Club for Deaf-mute as part of Crown Prince Award (now known as El Hassan Youth Award) and later became a certified sign language translator.(1996)
  • Community Service at Jordan Post Office  (1997/8)
  • Community Service at Deir Al-Kahf as part of CPA's local community development. (1997)

Major Areas of Research Interest

Political Psychology

  • Conflict Analysis.
  • Voting Behaviour and Public Opinion.
  • Ethnic/Racial/ Cross Cultural Issues.
  • Gender Politics.
  • Voting Behaviour and Public Opinion.
  • Political Personality Types.
  • Political Violence/Terrorism.
  • Human Rights
  • The authoritarian personality
  • The Psychology of Religion

Islamic Studies

  • Islamic Jurisprudence
  • Islam & the West


  • APSA  -  The American Political Science Association.
  • ISPP    -  International Society of Political Psychology.
  • STR      -  The Society for Terrorism Research.
  • ACM    -   Association for Computing Machinery (Professional Member)
  • Jolug   -  Founding member of the virtual Jordan Linux Users Group (2002 - Present).


Lita Zukerman , International Sales Manager , Zend Technologies

Jad has been a pleasure to work with. He maintains a high level of personal integrity, both professionally and personally. He is dedicated to the open source philosophy and actively supports the community

Khamis Siksek , Software Infrastructure Manager, Electronic Health Solutions

Jad Madi, is one of the most inspiring persons I have ever met, his enthusiasm and leadership helped us into arranging different events either as JoLUG or Loco teams, he always was involved in the events arrangement and he gets the best out of the event, either by preparing Lectures, install fests or even social meetings.

Karim Arafat , Co-founder , TootCorp

Apart from being a structured and sharp web developer, he is an extremely cultured in web 2.0 and the latest web trends. He can definitely execute a task from A to Z, and fill in the empty gaps that you have not thought about.

Managing Humans

  • Managed the IT staff of the Iraqi Ministry of Displaced and Migrants during a computer programming course.
  • Organized and managed Ubuntu week at Jordan University (One week Course, full time, 9 to 5 and three lectures.)
  • Organized and managed Free & Open Source day at Princesses Sumaya University (Lecture, discussion panel and installation festival)

Photography Work/Contribution


Nov 1998Present

Gold Medal

The Prince Regent Award for Youth Activities
Jul 1995Present

Honors Certificate

The Public Security Directorate
Mar 1996Present

Basic Course for teaching Deaf Sign Language

Ali-bin-Al-Hussein's Deaf Club - Amman
Apr 1996Present

Bronze Medal

The Prince Regent Award for Youth Activities
Jul 1996Present

Travel Program for the Prince Regent Award

The Jordanian Armed Forces - Military Training Department
Jul 1997Present

Silver Medal

The Prince Regent Award for Youth Activities
Mar 2008Present

Organizer & Instructor - Ubuntu Desktop Course

IEEE - The University of Jordan