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Aug 2009May 2013

Bachelor's of Arts

West Virginia University

I graduated Summa cum Laude from West Virginia University with a cumulative GPA of 4.0. During my college career I was the recipient of the Promise Scholarship, the Mountaineer Scholarship, the West Virginia Higher Education Grant, and the Chick-fil-A Leadership Scholarship. I have also achieved President’s List and Dean’s List status all semesters.

Extra-Curricular Involvements

Vice President of Communications - Iota Iota Iota: Triota is the Women’s & Gender Studies Honor Society with over 50 chapters nationwide. This year we are making a push to sort of reactivate the chapter at WVU. It is important to us to have our presence on campus known and to create a space, whenever possible, for feminist thought and action to take place. We strive to encourage diversity, egalitarianism, and support in the academic environment for all students at our university. Below are some flyers that show examples of the kinds of events we have had so far this year. Beyond those, we were also involved in a variety of discussions and events during WVU’s Diversity Week, and representatives from our group attended the annual Women’s & Gender Studies potluck dinner where we mingled, communicated, and made connections with faculty members from throughout the university, as well as people from the community who continue to make contributions to our department.

Member of the Gender Equality Movement (GEM): GEM is the student group associated with the Women's & Gender Studies Department here at WVU. Membership is open to anyone who in interested in finding some space on campus where their ideas about women, feminism, and the world can be heard and accepted. The main goal of this group is to make a stand against gender oppression and in favor of equity, not just on campus but within our communities. GEM is instrumental in planning some of the largest events on campus related to the Women's & Gender Studies Department, such as the annual Take Back the Night rally, which has been happening on college campuses throughout the nation and the world for many years.

My Goals & Mission Statement

During my time at West Virginia University I was granted the opportunity to become educated about a variety of topics and issues. This education, along with my professional and extra-curricular experiences, have led me down the path of community outreach and non-profit organizing. I am passionate about giving back to my community, especially when it comes to those people who have been marginalized, under-represented, and taken advantage of. It is my hope that I will be able to use the things I learned, both in my time at WVU and since graduating, to break into the non-profit sector and find employment with people who are as passionate as I am about making a difference in the lives of others.

My Resume & Transcript

Extra-Curricular Involvements

Work experience

Jul 2007Present

Store Manager


Some responsibilities in my job with Chick-fil-A include communicating with customers on a daily basis in order to fulfill their customer service needs, delegating tasks to employees in a way that will allow them to achieve tasks in a timely and efficient manner, and maintaining cash balances for all our registers and change fund safe. I also keep track of keystroke behaviors and contribute them to our collaborative leadership reports at the end of every month, which help us to determine the progress of our business. Since becoming store manager at the beginning of this year, I have taken on the responsibility of overseeing our store-wide inventory at the end of each month.

May 2013Present

Secretary - Board of Directors

Caritas House, Inc.

During my final semester at West Virginia University, I completed a professional field experience internship with Caritas House, Inc., a non-profit organization stationed in Morgantown that provides support and services to those in northern West Virginia affected by HIV/AIDS. They provide assistance in paying living expenses such as rent and utilities, operate a pantry for clients to stock up on food and cleaning supplies, and do prevention education throughout the area. They also work throughout the community to help combat homelessness. In fact, they operate a permanent housing project, Colligo House, where up to six people suffering from chronic homelessness can come to live. During my time as an intern I was given the opportunity to be involved with and learn a variety of different things. The majority of my time was spent in helping to plan, organize, and see to fruition Sweets for the Sweet, the agency’s annual fundraiser and dessert tasting competition. In preparation for this event I spent time out in the community soliciting donations and advertisements for the event. I also got some experience working with Microsoft Publisher while putting together a professional-quality program for distribution at the event. More than that, I was able to assist the directors and staff in serving meals to the homeless in our community on multiple occasions. Since becoming a member of the Board of Director's of this organization, I have become responsible for keeping meeting minutes, drafting agendas for meetings, maintaining attendance records, and assisting in drafting personnel policy, among other things.

May 2010Oct 2010

Sales Representative

Avon Beauty Kiosk

I spent a short amount of time with this business in order to obtain some extra income during my first and second years of college. On a typical day my responsibilities including counting the drawer before and after my shift, balancing the daily deposit, and stocking the sales products before leaving each night. I also got experience finding alternative ways to please customers, seeing as how the product they wished to purchase was not always available at our kiosk. When this was the case, I would take down their information and make an order from the catalog which could be picked up after it had arrived.


Brian Jara

I have known this man since he came to West Virginia University two years ago. In that time I have taken more than a handful of his courses, served as his teaching assistant, and he is the faculty advisor for the student groups I am a part of, Iota Iota Iota and the Gender Equality Movement. I have learned a great deal from him in the short time I have known him and consider him a very important mentor.

Justin Siko

In the time I worked with Justin he taught me a great deal about the way non-profit agencies function. We worked very closely over the few months I spent with his organization to plan and organize a major fundraising event that brings in thousands of dollars for Caritas House. He was a great man to learn from and I feel very privileged to have been given the opportunity to work alongside him.

Cole Jordan

This man has been my boss for two years now, and we have worked closely together in that time to make plans for moving the business forward, keeping track of sales, and things of the sort.


Computer Skills
I have been using technology for a great part of my life, having grown up in a time when computers and the internet were already readily available to me. Using browsers such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox is quite simple for me, and I am proficient with programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point. Recently I have gotten some experience working with Microsoft Publisher, as well. In addition, I have a lot of experience with social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
Team Work
Team work is something I find very important in all aspects of my life, be it in the classroom, with my friends and family, or with my coworkers at Chick-fil-A. I have collaborated with classmates on a number of projects ranging from research projects to a class discussion facilitation. I am confident that I would not have been as successful in a number of my endeavors had I not managed to adapt to the needs of those with whom I have been a part of a team.
Public Communication
I have utilized my public communication skills in many aspects of my life over the years. I began really defining this skill when I began working for Chick-fil-A at the Morgantown Mall because I was dealing with a large number of people, especially those I did not know, every single day. Since then I have also used this skill both in an academic setting and in extracurricular activities. I feel relatively confident when put in a setting where I must communication effectively with someone new.

Examples of My Work