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Diploma in agricultural science

University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT)

This programme provides formal agricultural education to meet the needs of the agricultural sector for skilled technicians who can produce food efficiently and bridge the gap between the farmer and the agricultural professional. Students integrate practical experience in agricultural production with technical and scientific information that is required to successfully operate food production enterprises.


Social Media,  Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Information Technology, Computer Science, Computer Literacy, Quick Learner,   Fast Typer


1. Being hired by an employer that pays well.

2. Social Media

3. Electronic Devices


I am 18 years old, a student at The University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) and I live in the caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago. Currently I'm looking for online jobs which involves social media and a bit of computer skills, which is what im skilled at this present moment. I am very mature for my age, i'm focused at what i do and work very hard to complete each task. What I like doing best is typing and anything that involves being on the internet/ social media.

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