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Professional experiences

Dec 2017now

Speech and Language Pathologist

Camali Clinic, DHCC, Dubai
  • Provide assessments, diagnoses and treatment plans for those who suffer from any type of speech or language disorders.
  • In-school trainings: provided for teachers to give them theory and practical clues to teach students with learning difficulties.
  • Articles writer: raise consciousness' parents and caregivers about any case we can deal with in SLP.
May 2017August 2017

SLP for multiple handicapped people

Fondation Père Favron - Foyer Albert Barbot, Reunion Island (France)
  • Mission: providing swallowing and feeding troubles' care and alternative communication.
  • Methodology: Food texture adaptation, co-working with occupational therapists for the correct feeding posture, caregivers trainings about feeding and alternative communication.
July 2015August 2017

SLP in private clinics

Reunion Island (France)

Assessment and therapy with clients from 25 months to 95 years, various pathologies including:

  • Speech and language delays,
  • Intellectual disability in genetic syndrome,
  • Absence of oral language in Down's syndrome or autism spectrum disorder
  • Atypical swallowing,
  • Impaired hearing loss in children,
  • Spelling and writing disorder,
  • Numerical cognition disorder,
  • Language's, memory's and executive functions' acquired troubles in children and adults (post stroke, cranial trauma, epilepsy, dementia),
  • Stuttering in young children,
  • Education of esophageal speech (total laryngectomy).
June 2013June 2014 

SLP intern in neurological rehabilitation hospital 

Pierre Swynghedauw Hospital, Lille (France)  

Assessment and therapy with post-stroke and post cranial trauma clients:

  • Dysarthria,
  • Dysphagia,
  • Aphasia.


Oct 2017

Basic Life Support

American Heart Association (Dubai)
Sept 2017



Score : 91 

August 2017

Mouth's sensoriality and medical aspects of multiple handicapped person's feeding

Dr T. Rofidal (Reunion Island, France)
  • Swallowing: anatomy, motricity and disorders
  • Hydration disorder
  • Enteral feeding 
  • Oro-facial function: physiology and disorder 
  • How to help swallowing and feeding disorders: assessment, diagnose and therapy 
  • How to modify textures to eat with fun, comfort and safety
July 2016

ASD: therapy with non or few verbal people

Albane Plateau & Isabelle Dazin (Paris)
  • Communication requirements

  • Early social communication development

  • Sensorial troubles in ASD

  • Assessment and therapy 


SLP Degree

Institut Gabriel Decroix, University of Lille 2 (Lille, France)

Initial challenge: succeeded at the 2nd rank over 2000 students.

Thesis: " Young children entering symbolism. Study to determine links between written language and arithmetic language", under the direction of Sandrine Mejias (Ph.D in numerical cognition), grade A pass.


Baccalaureate, scientific section

Saint-Jean & La Croix High school (Saint-Quentin, France)

Mathematics option, grade B pass


Humanitarian mission: 5 weeks in Zongo (Burkina Faso) in 2013. French and literacy courses for kids and women. Blog (in French): http://ouagaphonie.canalblog.com/

Cultural: conferences and readings about speech therapy, psychology, sociology, general knowledge.

Sports: horseback riding, trekking, jogging, swimming

Semi-professional drama actress and piano player: Resident drama company at the Alliance Française, Dubai. 

  • Play "L'Amour Fou", under the direction of Morgane Gauvin: 8 shows for 2 months long
  • What it grows into me: creativity and initiative skills, speaker skills, self and others' emotions comprehension and management, team spirit and relationships skills, commitment and empowerment.


Rahaf Bizreh

Head of Speech and Language department, Camali Clinic, Dubai
04 276 6064

Sandrine Mejias

Lecturer at Institut Gabriel Decroix, University of Lille 2 (Lille, France)
[email protected] 

Hyacinthe Cougny

Speech and Language therapist, owner of her private clinic in Reunion Island
+262 693 50 85 09 

Monelle Jouet

Speech and Language therapist, owner of her private clinic in Reunion Island
+262 262 09 03 79