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Hélène Malik

Speech and language pathologist (french diploma)

Professional experiences

Sept 2017now

Speech and language pathologist (assistant)

May 2017August 2017

Employed SLP                   

Fondation Père Favron - Foyer Albert Barbot, Reunion Island

Intervention with multiple handicapped people.

  • Mission : swallawing troubles' care and alternative communication's proposal
  • Ways : Food texture adaptation, co-working with occupational therapists to find out the correct feeding posture, caregivers training about feeding, evaluations of swallowing and communication abilities
juillet 2015August 2017

Independant SLP (surrogate or holder) Independant (surrogate or holder)

Reunion Island

Practice population from 25 months to 95 years, various pathologies including :

  • Speech and language delays,
  • Intellectual disability in the context of genetic syndrome,
  • Absence of oral language in Down's syndrome and autism spectrum disorder
  • Atypical swallowing,
  • Impaired hearing loss or hearing loss in children,
  • Disorders of written language and mathematical cognition,
  • Language's, memory's and executive functions' acquired troubles in children and adults
  • Stuttering in young children
  • Education of esophageal voice (total laryngectomy)

Diplomas and trainings 

Oct 2017Oct 2017

Basic Life Support

American Heart Association
Sept 2017Sept 2017



Score : 91 

august 2017august 2017

Mouth's Sensoriality and medical aspects of multiple handicapped person's feeding

Docteur Rofidal (Reunion Island)
  • Swallowing : anatomy, motricity and disorder
  • Hydradation disorder
  • Enteral feeding 
  • Facial oro function : physiology and disorder 
  • How to help swallowing and feeding disorders : assesment, diagnose and therapy 
  • How to modify textures to eat with fun, comfort and safety
July 2016July 2016

Autism spectrum's trouble : intervention with non or few verbal people

Albane Plateau & Isabelle Dazin (Paris)
  • Communication requirements

  • Early social communication development

  • Language and communication specificities

  • Sensorial troubles

  • Development's evaluation and caring

sept. 2010 juin 2015

SLP diploma certificate diploma certificate

Institut Gabriel Decroix (Lille)

Competitive examination : 2nd/2000 students

Thesis : " Young children entering symbolism. Study to determine links between written language and arithmetic language",under the direction of Sandrine Mejias, grade A pass.


Preparetory courses for speech therapist's competitive examination

Poly-prépas (Amiens)

Scientific French secondary school diploma

Saint-Jean & La Croix High school (Saint-Quentin)

Language skills

French : native language

English : fluently speaking, reading, writting.

German : High school student level

Arabic : beginner  


Sports : Horse riding, trekking, jogging, swimming

Cultural : conferences and reading about speech therapy, psychology, sociology, general knowledge

Artistic : Piano and theater courses