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·To own and manage my own company, to pay off everything that needs to be payed, and to rank as a well respected Company in numerous conventions like GDC, TGS and E3.


·To work my way up the ladder of the career of my choice, to stay debt free by saving money and paying off everyone that needs to be payed, and produce the best product of the highest quality with the best team work skills and the most original, creative product.

Work experience

Aug 2008Dec 2008

Grill Boy



Larry Orie

Mr. Orie is the Head of the Project React After School Program at Wesley Grove United Church of Christ. I have known Mr. Orie for 9 years and he is a great man. Since i have been participating in this program, he has given me great guidance and advice that has helped me in my life. He also has been an influnence on me as a person and i value his opinion also.

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