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  • Composing: Since the age of 13 I have been composing a vast variety of different musical pieces. With works in over 10 different genres including classical, film, hip-hop, blues, jazz, dubstep, latin, and experimental fusions, my music manages to stand out with creativity and colourful texture. Each and every song is equipped with storyline and meaning, taking the music I create to different levels of interpretation and execution. 
  • Theatre (Acting): My acting career began as a child making commercials and then took a pause for a few years until I got to high school. While in high school I wrote and directed a one act play, several skits, and created many unique characters and story lines. While I was in Montreal studying, I took part in a pilot called "Love Speaks for Itself"; I was casted for the lead role but unfortunately the project was dropped due to lack of funding. 
  • Studio Musician/Producing: I have worked with many artists in the past and am currently working with one in particular at the moment; I co-write/produce songs and serve as a catalyst in the creative process. I write, record, edit, mix, and master my own (and sometimes others') music. 
  • Technology: At an early age I took apart things and put them back together to find out how they worked. I took interest in building things and enhancing what was already there. I was always fascinated at how technology evolved and how it can be used to create/discover new things. 
  • Science: In school I was always into science. In Grade 8 I won the school science fair for building a robot that could pick up different weights and travel on different types of terrain (inspired by the land rover created by NASA for the Mars mission). Throughout high school I took many science courses (Chemistry, Physics, and Biology). 
  • Philosophy: My heart is my philosopher's stone. My music is my alchemy.


    I have recently begun an aggressive job hunting campaign - I am a well qualified Recording Engineer with a thorough knowledge of audio equipment and electronics. My experience comes greatly from working hands-on prior to and during my post secondary education.

    I am an effective and productive worker with experience in many different fields which in turn has helped me grow. Everything from sales, to running a business, to dealing with customers face to face or over the phone, to running shows from behind the scenes and being a part of the show itself, are all just some examples of the different fields I've been in.

    If your firm is in need of a thorough and insightful individual then I would greatly appreciate an opportunity to show you the strengths and work ethic I can bring to your search.

(Note: Please be aware that the listed jobs I have posted are only the main/relative ones I have obtained. There are several other side projects/jobs that have attributed to my experience. Feel free to ask any questions you may have - References available upon request)

Work experience

Jun 2008Present


Domily Property Management

  • Maintained several properties through activities such as mowing and trimming lawn, pruning/trimming trees and bushes, and minor gardening.
  • Worked efficiently and met deadlines while undergoing physically demanding workloads.
  • Quickly learned how to use high end equipment thoroughly and responsibly; Never had any accidents or damaged equipment.

(Note: This has been a part time job available to me during the summer/fall seasons since June 2008.)

Jan 2010May 2010

Audio Technician Asst. - Live Sound Mixer

Yamaha Academy of Music
  • While attending school in Monterrey, Mexico, I was offered part time work as an audio technician which included responsibilities such as setting up sound and equipment for live performances and fixing faulty audio equipment (cables, mixers, instruments etc.).
  • Live setup included the assurance of functioning instruments, proper placement of microphones, speakers, and amplifiers, as well as monitoring levels, sound effects, and overall sound quality.
  • Worked independently and always met deadlines as required.
  • Made sure that my work met the required standards of quality and professionalism.
Jun 2008Sep 2008


Cutco - Vector Marketing

  • Worked as a door to door salesman for Cutco: Kitchen Cutlery & Utensils (the world's finest)
  • In my first weekend of working with company, I sold over $1400 worth of merchandise. 
  • Gained university level  education on business and sales provided by the company's mandatory training program.
  • Attended conferences held by the company which held several workshops which taught fundamental and advanced sales techniques.


Elixir - Gourmet Restaurant
  • Working on and off throughout the years at this restaurant I have learned the importance of teamwork in the workplace; I can be a leader when I have to be and am very aware that in order to lead, one must first learn to follow properly.
  • Gained a new experience by dealing with a different class of customers; Understood the importance of building strong relationships with customers in order to make them "regulars"
  • Duties included waiting tables, serving food, administering the float, maintaing the restaurant's reputation and standard by carrying out tasks such as cleaning regularly, making sure customers were happy, being attentive, and organizing myself in accordance with the other waiters and chef.
Sep 2005Jun 2007

Co-Manager & Cook

BMD's Pizza & More

  • As co-manager of the family business, duties included taking inventory/commissary, managing payroll of employees, handling the float, attending customers, and cooking.
  • Gained valuable experience in how to treat and deal with customers.
  • Learned to value the importance of a business, the way it's run, as well as its place in the community.



Jan 2010Jun 2010

Yamaha Academy of Music
  • Obtained formal training in piano and composition through customized classes via theory and practical lessons given by renown musicians and teachers.
  • Was exposed to rare and valuable experiences while learning and working beside industry professionals 
  • Learned many useful techniques first hand which are applicable to working in the studio and on stage with musicians.
  • Remained top of my class consistently throughout the semester.
Sep 2008Aug 2009

College Diploma

Recording Arts Canada

Full-time program completed in 3 semesters included extensive hands-on education as well as industry qualified, professional instructors.

Courses taken: 1st Semester  - Acoustics  - Audio Consoles 

- Computers & Music - Signal Processing

2nd Semester  - Recording Techniques - Intro. to Electro-techniques - Aesthetics of Music - Sound Design  3rd Semester  - Sound Reinforcement  - Post Production  - Music Industry  - Studio Production Techniques 


Silva Mind Method Graduate
As a Silva Mind Method Graduate I have obtained several valuable tools that I can and have applied to the workplace. I have become a more diciplined individual that has learned the importance of vision and goal setting. I am in turn more focused when i have a task to complete and carry it out with the utmost attention to detail. I have great people skills and am considered a charismatic individual. I enjoy interacting and socializing, and above all being a source of help to people. When it comes to the workplace, I truly believe that I can make a difference.
Well rounded in many instruments including Guitar (Classical and Electric), Piano, Bass, Saxophone, Drums, Latin & African Percussion to name a few. I have obtained, through years of practice, a thorough knowledge of how to use a wide range of Virtual Instruments including LFO's and Synthesizers.  Along with musical abilities, I have inevitably had to accompany and reinforce them with Musical Theory.
Fully fluent in English and Spanish with intermediate French skills.
Audio Manipulation
Over the years, my work has lead me in many directions which, in turn, has lead me to require different skills. These skills have been obtained through schooling and refined through practice:     -Audio Mastering -Sound Design -Foley -Sound Reinforcement -Acoustic Manipulation
Mac OSX, Windows
As an owner of both OSX and Windows machines, I have had the opportunity to become thoroughly familiar with both operating systems. Everything from creating PowerPoints, Spreadsheets, and Word Documents, to creating Music and Videos and image manipulation in Adobe PhotoShop on both systems. As with all machines, sometimes malfunctions may occur. I have experienced this on both operating systems and have become skilful in identifying the source of these problems majority of the time. I have also taken a computer programming class in the past and have become familiar with the anatomy of computers and their function.
Digital Audio Workstations
Over the years I have worked thoroughly and extensively with several different DAW's including industry standard programs. The following are a list of some of the few I have used:   -Pro Tools 7 & 8 -Reason 4.0 -Sony Acid Pro 6 -Logic Pro 9 -Kontact's Komplete Series -Soundtrack Pro 3 -Garage Band