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Professionally, I have found a passion in the field of Public Relations.  The rapidly evolving communication method is exciting and challenging to keep up with.  It requires constant effort to learn emerging technology and understanding ways to apply them, while while staying well grounded in traditional methods.  Social Media in particular has caught my eye.  Though many companies are on the cutting edge in the field, I am finding that there is opportunity to introduce new methods to those whose pacing is a bit slower.  I am a quick learner who finds new interests every day. 

In the traditional sense, I am an avid vinyl record collector amateur cook who enjoys learning new recipes and discovering lost records.


I am recent graduate of Oklahoma State University.  In my five years as a student I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Broadcasting, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.  I am excited to enter into a rapidly evolving job market and look to find my place utilizing skills I have acquired in both degree fields. 

I have recently found a passion in Public Relations.  Though I discovered the discipline rather late in my college career, I have seen the fast paced progression the communication field offers.  Only by staying updated on methods, current events and technology can one truly excel in this profession.  I have taken this lesson to heart and continue to learn even as my college career comes to a close.

Work experience

May 2008Feb 2010

Game Day Kitchen Manager

OSU Cowboy Dining


Aug 2005Present

Bachelor of Arts-Journalism and Broadcasting

Oklahoma State Univeristy
Aug 2005Present

Bachelor of Arts- Political Science

Oklahoma State Univeristy


Video Editing
I have been shooting video and editing with Final Cut Pro software during my internship.  I am quickly learning the intuitive program and its huge selection of features.  I find that the more I practice the art, the better my productions become.
Social Media
I have taken an exceptional course on Social Media and its uses at Oklahoma State.  I grew up in the digital era and am familiar with traditional social media sites (Facebook, Myspace and quickly learning Twitter) and am constantly learning about new methods of application to a business setting.
Microsoft Office
Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point.  I have also had some basic training in Access, but it has been some time since I have had practice.  I have recently learned how to use publisher to create documents.