Home to The Progression of Wealth, a strategic financial planning method, HJ Wealth Management, LLC offers a wide range of vital services to high net worth individuals and families living in the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area. Assisting clients with strategic planning in the areas of estate transfers, taxes, retirement savings, and investments, HJ Wealth Management also provides a plethora of educational materials and financial tools through its website, In the news section, HJ Wealth Management posts articles, financial briefs, and market data of interest to clients. Some HJ Wealth Management articles focus on communicating valuable advice to individuals belonging to specific professions, such as "Five Financial Mistakes Doctors Must Avoid" for physicians and "Entrepreneurs May Find New DB(k) Plans Tempting" for business owners. Additionally, HJ Wealth Management professionals post pieces relevant to specific areas of financial planning, such as "Examining 401(k) Default Investment Safe Harbors," "Roth IRA Conversion Can Benefit Your Estate Plan," "Protecting Yourself From Powers Of Attorney Abuse," and "Study: Laddered Annuities Reduce Retirement Risks." Understanding that sometimes people prove better able to process detailed information by reading it rather than hearing it, HJ Wealth Management advisors have published a number of targeted answers to a wide array of financial questions. "Should Retirees Carry A Mortgage?" "Which States Are The Most Friendly To Businesses?" "Whole Life Or Term? It's A Tough Choice." The professionals at HJ Wealth Management answer these questions and more. Moreover, HJ Wealth Management also posts a selection of short quizzes designed to test an individual's knowledge of various financial concerns; these quizzes include "Do You Know Estate Planning Basics?" and "Do You Know Your Health Care Facts?" In addition to written resources, HJ Wealth Management makes 25 financial calculators available on its website. Individuals can utilize HJ Wealth Management’s collection of calculators to determine the best way to accelerate debt payoff, to compute required minimum distributions (RMD) from retirement accounts, to analyze existing loans, and to predict maximum loan amounts based upon ideal monthly payments. HJ Wealth Management also furnishes stock quotes and data, client forms, and links to relevant third-party financial sites.

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