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This skill has been a tough one where as a journalist, one would be constantly challenged by this. I have been trying harder and harder to improve this skill and take the initiative each time it is asked of me, and even sometimes when it is not. 
Writing article after article has taught me to type very fast and to use shortcuts in place of words that are used consistently. This skill has also helped me in other areas of my life, where writing down information would be inefficient.
The ability to write articles quickly and efficiently has become a major accomplishment for me this year. The task of taking on two articles, or even three at times, would be impossibe with out the skill of efficiency. This has help me become faster and stronger as a writer and has shaped my way of taking notes and remembering details.
In the skills category, I am very good at picturing someone's background, so for example, if someone were at a restaurant wearing a form-fitting dress and giving off the impression that she was having fun, I could suppose that that person would be out on the own looking for fun because recently someone very close to them left without saying goodbye. I can also say that I have an active imagination, as displayed in my commentary above. I like to take interest in people's lives and help them by telling their story, or raising awareness for their cause. This year, I have learned to centralize those skills in a way that I can be both observant and help people by writing stories about them, or noticing their interests. 

Best Work

My Personal Initiative

Work experience

Mar 2012Present

Lifeguard II/Swim Instructor

City of Ventura

Works 3-5 times a week at the Ventura Aquatic Center

Sep 2012Present


City Clerks Office

Works every Tuesday for community service hours

Aug 2011Present

News Writer

Foothill Dragon Press

Writes for the news section of the highly esteemed Foothill Dragon Press


Aug 2009Present

Foothill Technology High School


This year, I had to experiment with using my patience and self-control to make sure my grade and reputation in the class were upheld, as were my needs. To make sure I was given an article each week, I was assigned whichever was not wanted and tried to get article done as fast and efficiently as possible. I tries not to refuse articles that no one wanted or take the ones lots of people did not want. I believe this shows that cooperation is very important when working with a team.