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Work experience

Aug 2009Jul 2010

Assistant Manager

AirJump USA

I am knowledgeable and have a hand in most every area of the business from handling admissions, concessions, and cleaning, to party booking, interviewing, product ordering, and inventory management.

Jul 2007Feb 2010



At this location I was also a cashier/bagger. The job requirements were essentially the same for this location as well. In 2009 I was asked to participate in the Best Bagger competition and after winning the competition at the store level wen on to win at the district level before losing at the Southeast area competition.

Apr 2006Jul 2007



I began working as a bagger and was eventually moved to a cash register. During my time at this location I also worked in the produce and grocery departments. Job requirements included everything from product handling, cleaning,  and customer relations (bagging), to product knowledge and working a cash register (cashier), as well as store knowledge and inventory control (produce and grocery). 


Aug 2006Present

Bachelor of Science

University of West Georgia


Audio/Video system operation
As well as setting up audio/video/computer systems in churches, I have also been running these systems. I am familiar with the operation of sound boards, equalizers, amplifiers, projectors, computers, and speakers. 
Hardware setup/software installation
This area has been a lifelong passion. I have set up computer systems and audio systems for friends, family, and churches. The only reason I classify myself as intermediate level is because I have no "professional" experience in the area. All work was done on a volunteer basis.
Customer Relations
All of my work experience has been in retail/customer service. I constantly strive to maintain the best possible relationships with all customers from the moment they enter the establishment. Much of the party booking I do is over the phone, so good phone etiquette has been a necessity. I am familiar in dealing with both the exceedingly happy customers as well as the less enthused. In the latter situations maintaining a calm countenance and displaying a knowledge of situation handling has been incredibly important. 
Inventory management
At AirJump USA, one of my duties is assisting with management of products and supplies such as wristbands, plates and utensils, concession items, and party supplies. I am familiar with and have developed a relationship with many of our suppliers such as Coke and Icee, and local vendors of concessions and janitorial supplies. Working together with the manager, we do our best to maintain proper quantities of supplies and keep those with expiration dates in constant rotation to avoid unnecessary product waste.


I am interested in any sort of hardware maintenance and installation, particularly in audio/video/computers. This has been a lifelong passion for me, and I would love the ability to make it into a career.