Beatriz García Martín

Beatriz García Martín

Work experience

Work experience
Mar 2010 - Present

Barceló viajes

Travel Agency

I work as a guide of Mundosenior of transfer twice a week. My job consists in accompanying the passenger to the airport and assit them during the journey, and sometimes I have to help them to check in.

Apr 2009 - May 2009


City Council

I did the training of my degree in the City Council of Cáceres during two months, where I worked in Tourism section and in different centres of the ancient part of the city, includying the Tourism Information  and I had to work dealing with people.



English Course for Employment Purposes

Faculty of Business Studies and Tourism

Official School of Languages

Basic level of English

Oct 2006 - Jun 2010


Facuty of business studies and tourism of Cáceres



Artistic skills

Painting. I took classes at school with a famous painter of the town.

Computer skills and Competences

windows, word, Power Point, Publisher, Movie Maker, basic Knowledge of Photoshop, familiarity with Internet.

Group Management

In my current job I organize and attend groups during the journey.

more languages

I have a basic level of Italian and Portuguese.

good at languages

I have a intermediate level of English and French.


I am  interested in travelling, learning languages and painting.


Responsible, good with people, well-organised, team-work and hard-working skills.

Ability to buid relationship, motivate teams  to obtain the objective and propose solutions to problems.