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Work experience

I haven´t got work experience, but I can learn easily.


Oct 2007Jun 2010


University of Extremadura

- Studing (since September 2007): Carrer of Tourism. Faculty of Business Education and Tourism of Cáceres. Cáceres, Spain.

- Course "The Protocol in the State Administrations.The Protocol and Public Relationsin the Business World” (4 credits).Faculty of Business Education and Tourism of Cáceres.Cáceres,Spain.November 2009.

- English Language Programme at the intermediate level (30 hours). Kaplan Aspect School. London, England. July 2009.

 - Hotel Receptionist course. Escuela Extremeña Social. Cáceres, Spain. September 2006-May 2007.

- Portuguese course. City council of Torrequemada. Torrequemada (Cáceres), Spain. September- December 2006.


Computer skills
I have some knowlwdge and I can use Microsoft Office.
Languages- Portuguese
I have starting to learn Portuguese this year, so my level is basic.
Languages- Italian
I can understand, write and speak Italian in an intermediate level.
Languages- French
I can understand, write and speak French in an in termediate level.
Languages- English
I can understand, write and speak English in an intermediate level.



My name is Alicia and I´m 21 years old.

Currently,  I´m studying Tourism at the University of Extremadura and after, I want to complement my carreer with additonal studies.


I spend my free time to walk, improve my languages, learn other new languages ,read or go to the cinema.But  above all , I´m interested in travelling around the world to discover different places and cultures, because I consider that this is really productive for my future career.

As you can see, I have a wide variety of hobbies.Futhermore, I want to learn to ride horse and dance "sevillanas".


I have got several targets :

  • Improve my languages and learn other new languages.
  • Do everything that becomes me in a professional.
  • Be a professional in the world of Tourism.


May 2008May 2008

Trainee in Turinterior 2008

Faculty of Business Education and Tourism of Cáceres.