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Vision Boards: A Guidebook for Mapping Out Your Vision 

A vision board is a large poster that you make at home or in your workspace where you paste pictures, photographs, quotes or personal objects of all the “things” that you dream of achieving, having or experiencing. Native Americans built dream-catchers and used rocks, beads or feathers to symbolize their desires or wishes. They would place the dream-catchers in places where the wind blew, so that their wishes would become transparent to the universe--- cleaned and brought forward from the realm of their mind into physical reality. In our modern world, it is easier for us to view ads in magazines or on the internet for us to get a visceral feeling of “wanting” something--- rather than using stones or beads. So, we build vision boards.

As a business and life coach, I go many steps further with my clients. I not only help you see, feel and discover your personal and unique “vision” around your business, marriage/family or next phase in life--- but we map out the roads you have built in your life in order to achieve those things. We also map out obstacles and alternative paths. You have a choice to re-architect the path to living out your dreams or to stay true to the paths, which you have already created. What I find is that almost everyone I’ve worked with has tons of little “Aha!” moments along the way when we map out their paths. If you had a choice: would you want to see your life as clearly and as focused as your higher self sees you? This is what vision-questing and vision mapping can do for you.

Jun 2008Present

Intuitive Business Coach

Vision Boards

I'm a change agent. When I come into people's lives, things start to move. I always say, "People don't call me if they want to remain stuck. I'm not even on their radar."

When they do call, they are surprised at my intuitive insight into the specifics of how they are feeling and thinking. Also, at the clarity with which I can pin-point their vision and see a path to where they want to go. Mostly, they never forget my novel approach to helping them unlock the secrets to a building a successful road map and how to navigate it. The results: they gain clarity and focus within their professional and personal endeavors.

I have worked with corporate leaders in technology, investing, litigation and academia. In today's economy, you demand a top thinker for your hard-earned success. I succinctly deliver a solution, every time. 



Raw Energy Organic Juice Cafe

Owner and operator of a gourmet raw vegan foods and organic juice bar in the heart of downtown Berkeley’s newly renovated Arts District, featured in numerous business and health publications.- Managed 7 employees- Worked directly with local organic farmers- Respected member of Berkeley’s Gourmet Ghetto- Marketing materials: website, menu design, branding, logo, apparel, ad’s


Mar 2010Present

Advanced Career Transition Certification

Chapman University

Advanced Clairvoyant Training Program

Aesclepion Meditation Center
Sep 1992Aug 1995

B.A. with honors

U.C. Berkeley


Pin-pointing the Root of the Problem
A couple came to me, desperate for the woman who was 10 and a half months pregnant to go into labor. The doctors were going to induce the birth, against her wishes. I felt the soul of the child and realized that the problem was the mother. After guiding the husband and wife through a trust-building exercise, she went into labor on my couch and gave birth to a healthy baby boy that night. 
Provide a "Bird's Eye" View
  A realtor was suffering from the housing loan fiasco. All her former clients were now defaulting on their mortgages and losing their homes. She called it a “curse.” I helped her to re-focus on her positive mindset that she had before the real estate market crashed and exercise her “good luck muscle.” She made more money in the next 2 months, than she did in the past 2 years.   
Leadership Development
A husband and wife team, owned a local neighborhood gym, which ran below the red in income, each month. After training their staff how to balance feminine and masculine styles of leadership, they changed their sales tactic and began netting profit every month. 
Aligning Personal Values with Business Goals
An analyst for a venture capital firm could not raise funds due to a number of factors: a down economy, tarnished reputation due to the mistakes of other investors, investing in new markets, changes in corporate leadership, etc.. Rather than navigating the shark-filled seas as he had done meticulously in the past, he rewrote his business plan to reflect his higher life purpose--- to invest in ethical companies. He attracted an entirely new set of investors in a higher economic bracket, who became his advisory board. 
Put it in a Nutshell
A divorce involving emotional abuse and 2 confused teams of lawyers could not come to a settlement for over a year. Both sides were willing to contest one another in court. After analyzing financial statements, I wrote the legal brief for my client’s lead attorney. They ended up settling for alimony of $13,000 more per month than originally offered.   
Problem Solving
  A power couple, consisting of a businessman and his wife who is an ex television personality, were going through marital problems for the past 5 years. Both had paid tens of thousands of dollars for self-help programs, retreats and private therapy. After 4 sessions, they laughed at how easy it was to be heard and understood. The key issues boiled down to a few simple communication tools, that created sensitivity to one another’s life path.   
Intuition: Ability to see the entire map of a project
A plantiff in a lawsuit against a large corporation was being threatened by the opposing counsel. I advised him how to re-strategize communication with his legal team. Then, re-formulated the line of argument that his lawyers would use as grounds to re-present the case during a mock trial. After an 18 month battle, where the plantiff believed that he would walk away with nothing, they settled for $2.3 million. 

Vision Boards and Strategic Maps

Objectives: Strategic Mapping

I help individuals and corporate teams build strategic maps of where they are now versus where they want to be. 

I work one-on-one with Fortune 500 executives, managers and business owners at the place of their work, in private corporate boardrooms or at my home-office, using an accelerated and breakthrough process, to create visual maps of their path to success. My specialty is aligning business goals with a higher spiritual path. 

I am seeking a position working closely with business leaders who need daily clarity on the direction and execution of one or more of their projects. 

Biography: CEO's Secret Weapon

Vicky is known in executive circles as the CEO's secret weapon to solve problems and map out the path to success. She is founder of Vision Boards, a unique methodology used in private corporate board rooms, as well as New Thought classrooms.

Before starting her own private coaching practice, Vicky spent 4 years as a successful entrepreneur who sold her business and retired at 27.

For the next several years, she was hand-picked by shaman, kahuna and revered spiritual leaders to learn the sacred arts of their native healing practices.

Vicky combines her degree from U.C. Berkeley with her spiritual training to map out your business and life path on your vision boards. She is the author of Vision Boards: A Guidebook to Mapping Out Your Vision.

Spiritual Training

Wolf Moondance, 10 time best-selling author and Native American Osage shaman.Attended a vision quest in 2006, where I was re-named, Standing Wolf and received my life path as a business intuitive.  

John of God, spiritual medium in Abadiania, Brazil. Meditated daily and witnessed miraculous psychic surgeries without the use of anesthesia for 4 and half months (2004). Experienced 13 surgeries on myself, during that period. 

Dr. Nelson and Zahia, spiritual mediums in Uberlandia, Brazil. Mediated daily and stood in "current" to assist the medium during healing sessions, which 3,000 to 5,000 people attended weekly. Lived in the complexo for 8 months (2007). 

Native Hawaiian taro farmers on the north shore of Kaua'i. Hanai or adopted into the families of Tai Hook and Watari to farm taro for 7 years and learn the old style ways of Hawaiian life, prayer, chanting, shamanic healing and the sacred planting of taro. 

Asian American Liberation Theology Study Group, a coalition of graduate students and professors from U.C. Berkeley, Stanford, Harvard and Princeton theology schools. Accepted as 1 or 2 undergraduate student members. Presented papers at religious studies conferences.


“Vicky’s strategic maps were right on point. She saves us many hours and tens of thousands of dollars by pin-pointing our product design in record time.” 

   Mary Ann Russo

Operations Executive in world class companies

“An hour conversation with Vicky can change your life forever.” 

Ben Latuperissa

Former Vice President of Operations at Boeing

"Her psychic skills bring with it tangible methods which helped me move the emotional blocks around my writing, as well as my personal growth. I highly recommend and trust her spiritual clarity regarding each interval of my life and possible future prospects, which gives her an edge over a life coach."

Samantha Khury, Animal Expert

Interviewed by Diane Sawyer, featured on Discovery Channel, P.B.S. and Regis Philbin’s “Morning Show.”

“After a session with Vicky, my niece’s attitude completely turned around. Vicky opened a door for her and myself. From that day, Jen was happier, lighter and more positive about her life. Now she has the results to show for it.” 

Stanley Ibrao

retired Aerospace Engineer at Hughes Aircraft

“It took Vicky 30 minutes to say what our expensive therapist took 3 years to tell my husband and me. Plus, Vicky said it more eloquently and with action steps we could use.” 

    Sally King, Educator

Workshops and Seminars

Visioning Money and Prosperity

We learn our life lessons through obtaining and holding onto money. Participate in easy-to-do exercises which reveal your inner and hidden beliefs about money. Identify what blocks the flow of money and how to bring more money into your life.

  • Activate your money magnet
  • Raise your money comfort set-point
  • Turn your money karma into prosperity chi
  • Learn money feng shui

Visioning Success

This workshop goes beyond traditional techniques of strategic mapping or planning. Learn valuable new techniques to create a clear and compelling vision of success and how to apply these new skills to attain specific goals and solve business problems. CEO's, managers and entrepreneurs will gain valuable tools to achieve breakthroughs to new levels of professional growth and development.

  • Define your branding: the soul and essence of your product/service
  • Create a marketing piece: what's your story
  • Earn profit: reflect your higher soul purpose in the form of a business

Visioning Relationships:

I ask people to write a "wish list" of all the qualities of their ideal mate. Half of all the people I talk to, describe mates who are mirror images of themselves. They want to marry their twin clone. I call them "10's." Ironically, when you're perfect 10, you tend to attract mates who are zero's. The other half of people looking for an ideal mate, want someone who is the complete opposite of themselves. I call them a "0" or wounded. They want to date mommy/daddy or BE mommy/daddy for a mate. To have a mutually positive experience, both people should strive to be "5's" in relationship to one another.

  • Create a common ground in any relationship
  • Attract your soul mate
  • Acknowledge our fundamental drives

Visioning Body:

Personal trainers recommend diet and exercise to combat an aging metabolism. As a healer, I believe that you cannot fight your own body. Your body is your most honest expression of your emotional and mental well-being. If you allow your body to achieve what it needs on a spiritual level, it will deliberately change its shape and appearance to reflect your joy.

  • Emotional eating: learn how to stop it
  • Build a psychic blueprint of how your body loses and gains muscle and fat
  • Map out where you store positive and negative energies in different parts of your body