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Youth serving executive with experience in recruiting youth and adult volunteers, fundraising, and a broad experience base in project management and team building. Accustomed to high stress situations and fast pace environments. Direct experience in managing large budgets and payroll. Advanced networking skills.


  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Local Corvette Club
  • Hiking
  • Dutch Oven Cooking


Steve Fell

Richard is a true professional in every sense of the word. Working with him in Japan was an absolute pleasure. He was a subject matter expert in his field, and I routinely counted on his opinion and his knowledge in making decisions and recommendations to senior leaders. When I I needed an opinion or an assessment, I sought out Richard first. When I needed assistance, Richard was always the first to offer even though assisting me added to his already full schedule. There was certainly a void when he left. There is no better!

Tom Old

For the past five years I have worked with Richard in his role as the director of Camp Morrison. He is a professional manager of this camp in terms of budget, staffing and program. The best measure of his work is the experience of the scouts that attend. At Camp Morrison they learn critical life skills. Richard as Camp Director leads by example.

James Johnatakis

Richard is one of the best administrator / managers I have had the privilege to be around. Richard has many great attributes and skills he has developed and honed. But one skill he has that I rarely see is his ability to be a mediator. I have seen Richard on numerous occasions, intervene and mediate between adults, youth and even groups who are in conflict. With his communication skills and ability to just say the right things at the right time, all parties end up liking the conclusion they seemed to work out together. I can say that Richard is very grounded in his ability to control the task at hand what ever it is. He is the leader I would always choose. - James Johnatakis PM+

Soliciting and Marketing Success


  • To build bridges between people
  • To create an environment that motivates an entire region of the United States to desire to give of their time and treasure to our youth
  • To provide youth with the developmental assets they'll need to become happy compassionate human beings

Work experience

Jul 2005Present

Senior District Executive

Boy Scouts of America

Business professional. 

  • Raises $1.5 million every year with a seven person team

              Most contributors to endownment five years running

              Product sales consistent despite declining demographics

              Annual auction gifts had highest return per item in 2009

  • Executes 22% of total annual budget as Summer Camp Director

              Exemplary safety record; over 10,000 campers served in high

              adventure activities w/no serious injuries

              Revitalized moribund camping program now lauded by adult leaders

  • Consistently recruits volunteers who rise to executive board level in financial giving and responsibility
Oct 2008Present

Section W2N Staff Advisor

Western Region, BSA

National level responsibility.

  • Provide a one year Executive MBA type experience for a core group of older youth in four states

               Mentors youth in raising and executing a $20,000 budget annually; $4,000 surplus in 2009

                Advises youth in conducting "Gatherings" with from 150 to over 50,000 attendees nationwide

May 1979Jun 2005

Military Member

United States Air Force

Worldwide duty.

  • Military officer with five command opportunities in both peace time and war time

              Superior ratings in Inspector General evaluations

              2003 Dept. of Defense Special Award for Counterintelligence Support to

              Combat Operations

  • Assistant Professor of Aerospace Studies at the University of Utah

              # 4 recruiter nationwide 

  • Enlisted service in aircraft maintenance

              Promoted early

  • Detailed military resume available upon request




Western Governors University
  • Professional Credential, CMBA


Professional Development Division, Boy Scouts of America
  • Invitation only course offered to perspective CEOs


Brigham Young University
  • Extensive coursework completed in Asia; Japanese speaker