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To work with a multinational company which offers a professional working environment and enabling me as a Post graduate to grow while meeting the corporations goals and also to secure a challenging position where I can effectively contribute my skills as Software Professional.

Experience in Acord Standards from  version 2005-1


Operating Systems : Windows 98/XP/2000 / 2003

Programming Languages :  VB,net, C#, C++, Java

Web technology : - ASP NET 2.0 HTML, XML/XSL

Software Tools:  - Visual Studio Net 2005, Ms-office

Databases : - Ms- SQL server 2005, MS Access

Application Servers : - Microsoft IIS

Framework : - .Net 2.0, SPRY , Tibco

Work experience

Jun 2006Present

Programmer / System Analyst

InfoBahn International Private Limited
Apr 2009Present

Displaying the documentation in Ms- Word document & Error Portal in Tibco GUI

Documenting all code in web services and creating presentations to explain the Reinsurance Trading platform

Creating a web application which will display the source code with comments in ms - word document along with the Table of contents and Headers & Footers

Creating user Interface for displaying any errors occurred on the client side ( in Java script file) or on the server side (in Vb files)

Mar 2009Present

Endorsements in Acord Standards

Creating the Endorsement process based on Acord standards. Broker creates an Endorsement request message which is accepted by the confirm Lead and then Endorsement request message is created for the confirm Followers. Once all the confirm parties have accepted the the Endorsement, then the endorsement is effective on the Endorsment start date

Jan 2009Mar 2009

Implementing OpenSesame and Document Repository using SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)

Involved in changing the old closed - endded DLL architecture  to an open - ended web services architecture for better reusability and better management of functionality. Created web services based on functionality to enhance the system and make the web services open so that the users across various platforms can consume the web services.Incorporated the use of Supporting documents. Testing individual web services and testing the Entire application after merging all the web services

Sep 2008Dec 2008

Reinsurance Trading Platform In SPRY

The reinsurance trading platform comprises of three main modules namely, the Trading Dash Board, the Messaging Gateway and the Document Repository for the Placement Messages

The one that the brokers, insurers and reinsurers see and use is the Trading Dash Board which automatically communicates to the Messaging Gateway to send and receive messages. The Messaging Gateway in turn communicates with the Document Repository to pick up documents and attach these documents to the messages and forwards this combined message to the other party that is insurer/reinsurer or broker

Jun 2008Aug 2008

Acord Interface From word Contract

Involved in creating a web application which will map the London Market Contract available in MS - Word to a Acord XML Placing message. This placing message can be displayed on the Placement Message Forms and also converting the Contract in  MS - Word format from the Placing Message form

Involved in creating forms for G6 placement processes

Recording any changes in the Data Entry form and creating an Endorsement in Ms - Word for the value changed

Nov 2007May 2008

Document Repository

Creating an application which will receive any kind of Repository Operation Message based on Acord standards and generate a Response for it. The repository operation types supported are : -Repository Upload, Repository Create Folder, Repository Change Attributes, Repository Download, Repository Download Folder, Repository Notify.

Creating entire Repository Operation message (including HTTP header, Soap Mime, Soap Env, Payload MIME, business Payload and other message objects) for the above repository operation types based on Acord DRI standards

Apr 2007Oct 2007

Financial Messaging Gateway (FMG)

Creating an application which will receive any kind of financial message from any Trading Partner, process it and  generate Responses for it and send the responses back to Trading Partner, it also generates the Repository Operation message if there are any supporting documents in the incoming message. FMG handles Acord and non Acord messages (such as SWIFT and Acturis etc)

Aug 2006Mar 2007

Acord Mapping and Messaging Portal

A web application which will map the Acord RLC fields in an XML (based acord standards for Versions 2005-2, 2006-1, 2006-2 ) to a given database. Creating the Messaging Portal which displays all the incoming messages outgoing messages.It also allows the client to map a message to the database. On click of a particular message the client can view all the related messages associated with it. Messaging Portal also displays links to individual message objects such as the soap envelope and the business payload

Jun 2005Mar 2006

Junior Programmer

Ameya Infovision Private Limited

Executive Dashboard

It is an interactive online system for the employees and the clients of Ameya for resource management and project management. It displays the other initial details to the top management in a single screen such as the bank balance, cash flow and bank balance. The Portal is like virtual office under one roof for the employees and clients of Ameya situated at different parts of the globe.


Bachelor in Physics (BSc)

University of Mumbai
Jun 2003May 2006

MCA (Master of Computer Application)

Mumbai Educational Trust