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A researcher/Data Analyst position in the field of Islamic Finance/Business and/or Sharia, where related experience and strong educational background can be utilized to contribute to the expansion and development of the organization and the industry.


Samples of My Work

Here are four samples of my work, two are about Islamic Finance, and the other two are about Data Science. 

Qualitative Research

  • Time Value of Money, an Interdisciplinary Approach. A paper published in  ISRA Islamic Finance Space, June 2016, in which I address the issue of Time Value of Money from both financial and Islamic Law (Shariah) perspectives.
  • The Prohibition of Usury (Riba) in Islam, a Rational Discussion. A short article summarizing some of the reasons behind the banning of usury (charging interest on loans) in Islam

Quantitative Analysis

  • The Analytical Policeman: Visualization for Law and Order. A case study that shows the power of analytics and visualization and how it can be utilized to improve police work, and producing good communication tools to decision makers in government, and the wider public

Technical Writing

  • The Digital Doctor: An Introduction to Logistic Regression. In this article, I introduce the concept of Logistic Regression in the context of a case study from the healthcare industry, and show how we can use Statistical Learning to convert a qualitative problem, here: a doctor's judgement, to a quantitative one

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Work History

Al-yusr for Research and Publishing

Jul 2010Jul 2014

Researcher In Islamic Finance and Shariah, 

  • Carried out Islamic Finance and Jurisprudence(Sharia) related research activities.
  • Researcher in the research project "Contemporary Shariah Issues Encyclopedia"
  • Managed the research process -collecting and collating data- in the following categories: Ebadat, Islamic Finance and Banking, Family matters, Muslim minorities, legal retribution, Judiciary and Politics
  • Edited, summarized, and proofread the Ph.D. thesis “Contemporary Shariah Issues for Muslim Minorities”, authored by Dr. Mohammad Yusry
  • Edited, summarized, and proofread the book “The Fatwa: its importance, characteristics, and consequences”, authored by Dr. Mohammad Yusry


Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University, Egypt.



Post-graduate Diploma in Capital Market Analysis

Faculty of Sharia Al-Azhar University, Egypt



Bachelor's of Arts (BA) in Shariah

Faculty of Engineering Cairo University, Egypt



Bachelor's of Science (BSc), Electronics and Communications Engineering


Washington University, U.S.A (on Coursera)

May 2016Jan 2017

Machine Learning

A 6-course Specialization consists of the following: Machine Learning Foundations, Regression, Classification, Clustering & Retrieval, Recommender Systems & Dimentionality Reduction, and a Capstone Project.  

Note: this specialization is in progress. Expected to be completed on Jan/2017

International Monetary Fund Institute (on Edx)

Jun 2016Present

Macroeconomic Forecasting

ESSEC Business School, France. (on Coursera)

May 2016Present

Strategic Business Analytics

A 4-course Specialization consists of the following: Foundations of strategic business analytics , Foundations of marketing analytics , Case studies in business analytics with ACCENTURE , and Capstone Project

CFA Institute

Jun 2014Present

Passed CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Level 1 

Includes the following Topics: Ethical and Professional Standards, Quantitative Methods, Economics, Financial Reporting and Analysis, Corporate Finance, Portfolio Management, Equity Investments, Derivatives, Alternative Investments

The American University in Cairo, Egypt

Jun 2014Present

Career Certificate in Finance

27 CE units program consists of the following courses: 

Preparation of financial statements, Financial reporting, Cost accounting 1, Financial management and control, Banking operations, International Accounting Standards (IFRS), Intermediate corporate finance, Financial Analysis, Business Valuation.


Data Analysis and Visualization

Applying Statistical techniques to describe, summarize, model, and draw insights from data, using:

  • R programming language, plus the following packages: dplyr, ggplot2, ggvis, plotly, tidyr, lubridate, sqldf, data.table, caret, leaflet, shiny, and many more
  • Python programming langaue, plus the following modules: numpy, pandas, matplotlib, seaborn, scikit-learn, altair.
  • SQL
  • Excel

Reproducible Research

Documenting data analyses with their data and software code so that others may verify the findings and build upon them, using: R markdown and Jupyter notebooks

Qualitative Research

Conducting Qualitative Research in Islamic Finance Related Topics, especially Islamic Law of Contracts and Capital Markets. Having a very good ability to search, understand, and extract information from original jurisprudence literature written by early Muslim scholars. 

MS Office Applications

English Langauge

Strong Command of written and spoken English

Arabic Language

Native Arabic Speaker

Front End Web Development

Some Familiarity with html, CSS, and javascript