Hisani Msigwa

  • Region:Mbeya,Tanzania
Hisani Msigwa

Computer Systems administrator


Seeking a position as computer system administrator that utilizes my skills in analyzing,designing,implementing
,managing business applications


Oct 2012 - Jul 2015

Bachelor of  science in Information systems

University of Dodoma

Analysing,Designing,developing,maintaining and admistering existing systems and new systems

Feb 2010 - Feb 2012

Advance level secondary education

Mbeya secondary

Combination of Physcics,chemistry,and Mathematics(PCM)

Jan 2006 - Oct 2009

Ordinary level secondary education

Mbeya secondary school

Taking science subjects

Jan 1999 - Dec 2005

Primary education

Muungano primary school

 Qualification and Skills


software configuration

  •  Install,use ,configure of Microsoft product such as Microsoft window server,Microsoft lync,Microsoft outlook,Microsoft Exchange,Microsoft power point,Microsoft word,Microsoft Excel,Microsoft Access,Microsoft project.
  • Install,use,configure of Oracle Database product such oracle database management system,oracle form developer and oracle report developer.


 Multiple Programming Languages such as PHP,Visual basic,Java and PL/SQL


 Installation and configuration of multiple Networking devices such as router and switch.


Apr 2015 - Jul 2015

Oracle certified professional 10g Database Administrator

Issued by university of Dodoma
  • Oracle SQL expert
  • Oracle developer

Work Experiences

Work experience
Jul 2015 - Present


Netsoft Technology company

 Developing of application using different language  VISUAL BASIC,PHP,JAVA 

Jun 2015 - Present

Project:SMS based communication protocol for propagating Database update


programmer in PHP

Jul 2014 - Sep 2014

system administrator

Mbeya Referal hospital

Installation/configuration, operation, and maintenance of systems hardware and software
I got this skill and experience as my industry training

Jul 2013 - Sep 2013


University of Dodoma

 Developing of application using different language VISUAL BASIC,PHP,JAVA

I got this skill and experience as my industry training 


  • Database designing and programming
  • Electronic commerce
  • Learning new things


1. Name:Leornard L. Mutembei.
                 Position:Assistance Lecturer, College of Informatics and Virtual Education (CIVE)
                 Organization:University of Dododoma
                 Mobile number:+255 756 340 083
                 Email:[email protected]

2. Name:Masoud M. Masoud.
                 Position:Assistance Lecturer, College of Informatics and Virtual Education (CIVE)
                 Organization:University of Dododoma
                 Mobile number:+255766242951.

3. Name: Nyamawe, Ally S.
                  Position:Head, Department of Computer science,college of informatics and virtue education(CIVE)
                 Organization:University of Dododoma
                 Mobile number:+255 715 016 580
                 Email:[email protected]


I,HISANI MSIGWA, certify that the information provided in these curriculum vitae is true and complete at the best of my
knowledge. I am ready to provide certificates and explanations of any or all information listed above.