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Software Engineer with vast experience and love for programming. Consistently drives high standards of clean code through effective software architecture, refactoring, and mentoring. Also love learning new things and believes very strongly in growth mindset


Programming Languages

Java, C#, PHP, Node.js, Golang



Development/Environment Tools/Techniques

Agile, Test driven development, Pair Programming, Code Reviews


Mongodb, SQL Server

Work History


Principle Engineer

Shaw Academy

Working on improving data design, improving codebase, technology related decisions, and mentoring of team members. Pairing with developers to teach them writing test driven and modular code.

Implemented SMS based reminders that improved  core metric(Attendance) of our company.

Technologies: Angular 1 and 2, PHP, Golang.




Independently consulted  with a startup nowadays. Building stuff using Node.JS, Angular 2 and Ansible. 

On a personal note I was  working on developing functional programming chops using Clojure. Also working on improving my algorithm solving skills. 


Lead Software Engineer

Equal Experts

Worked on a front end project initially using Node.JS and ReactJS, Redux, React Router.

Currently working on a project involving Java 8, Dropwizard, Microservices, Docker, and MongoDB.


Soul searching


I took up quite a long break after leaving Babajob as I wanted to do soul searching and find out what I really want in life. I stayed home initially for few months. After that I roamed around in villages of Himachal Pradesh for a month. Finally I took two months to stay with my grandma that I enjoyed the most.


Head of Engineering

Babajob Services Pvt Ltd

Lead the engineering team.

Worked with product managers to define product strategy.

Worked with Sales heads to help them build sales systems.

Worked on scaling the system 2x.

Setup QA team.

Guided a senior software developer in building frontend architecture using newer tech like ReactJs and Webpack.

Hired 12 new developers. Did two cycles of performance reviews. Weekly 1: 1 meetings with all developers.


Developer Architect

Babajob Services Pvt Ltd

Babajob is a startup aimed at improving blue collar job sector with help of technology.

I joined as a very early employee when the company was just 15 people and just 1 software developer other than me. 

Implemented Continuous Integration and Deployment. Started and chamioned use of Git. Wrote functional and unit tests from scratch.

Built A/B Testing framework.

Moved the code to layered architecture.

Built web pages using Angular and React 

Built the android app from scratch in very less time. It had virtually no bugs and it almost never crashed.

Worked with another architect on design of IVR system.

Implemented distributed feature toggles service using Redis PubSub.

Mentored developers in TDD, Dependency Injection, OOP, OOAD.


Software Developer


Worked as a Developer for a train ticket booking portal for UK's No. 1 independent rail ticket retailer. Used SOA, WCF, .NET 3.5, C#, DNN, ASP.NET MVC, NHibernate, NUnit, and BizTalk Server.

Worked in all the teams for a year to develop different features.

Worked in L3 production support team for a year where I solved many critical issues.

Worked in a project to automate creation of different environments e.g. Testing Environment, Pre-Production Environment using Powershell and VMWare vSphere. Everything was scripted including creating and configuring VMs, installing application softwares on the VMs, configuring load balancers , setting up Jenkins pipelines.


Smalltalk Developer

HCL Technologies

Worked on the maintenance project of Misys Loan IQ product. My responsibilities in the project were: Working on development of new enhancements requested by the client. Fixing maintenance tickets(bugs) Developing Unit Tests.


Smalltalk Developer

Tur Technologies

Worked on Artur software as a Smalltalk Developer. I also developed tools for internal use of the team that saved lots of time and increased the productivity.


Software Developer

Systems Advisers Group

Worked on Microsoft's ERP product Dynamics AX. Learned and used X++ programming language. Dynamics AX is developed using X++.





One year diploma in Web Centric curriculum


B.Sc. (I.T.)

Karnataka State Open University


Sean Blagsvedt, CEO Babajob

Hiren worked with us at Babajob for 3 years and helped us grow from 10,000s of users to millions. During this time, Hiren either coded or oversaw the development of much of our codebase. He's got a great understanding and exposure to broad array of both back and front end technologies and his ability to debug scale challenges in production code is truly at the top of the industry. He's got a great appetite to learn new technologies and to figure out how to best deploy them in a business too. I'd highly recommend him.

Shashi Singh, Head of Engineering Babajob

Hiren joined Babajob when I was the only engineer at the company and at a time when the company's growth had started to accelerate. His arrival gave us much needed bandwidth to execute projects critical to sustain the growth of the company, such as moving from self hosted solutions to AWS, refactoring legacy code to simplify code base and enable Continuous Integration. From solving scaling issues to handling customer complaints to mentoring junior developers, Hiren has seen first hand the challenges of an early stage startup growing while navigating constraints. He is passionate about programming and I cherish the many long discussions I have had with him on various programming related topics. His views have broadened my perspective and I have become a better programmer in his company. I wish him the very best for the future.