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Profile Summary

The simple fact is that the workplace has dramatically evolved in recent years. You need an employee who has the experience to navigate the "virtual office" of website management and social media as well as the more traditional office setting of a physical workspace. I provide a strong experiential connection to both of these areas, evidenced by the body of my work.

You will find determination, drive, and dedication in many applicants, but with me you will also see woo!. Woo! is creative style. When paired with these traits, woo! generates product that is an extra step above the competition. I have always focused on taking that extra step and will continue to do so for your business or organization. Give me a project and a power cord and I will give you a powerful product. 

Work experience

Aug 2011Present

Online Ambassador

Drury University (Web Communication)

Speaking with an independent voice for a professional organization is my job as an online ambassador. I use social media as a strategic mechanism for attracting perspective students and businesses to Drury University. As a critical part of Drury's web community I must use dexterous, creative writing and several media platforms every day.

Jun 2011Aug 2011

Human Resources Assistant


At the Jenks, OK site of the Kimberly-Clark corporation I independently managed payroll and time sheets for the facilities 100+ employees. Technical duties included updating employee records with pertinent information, processing worker requests and supervisor instructions, and creating productivity reports for the corporate offices.

Jun 2010Aug 2011


Steak n' Shake

While this is not an office job, serving food at a restaurant has given me a different perspective and crisis management skills. As a college student I worked with two distinctly different groups; high school students at their first job and middle-aged adults well into their careers. I was scheduled to be a lead server during busy dinner shifts and was responsible for closing the store each night I worked. Bottom line: I know how to facilitate communication between different age groups in a stressful work environment. I take personal responsibility for each job I do, even if it as simple as making sure a customer receives their meal quickly and without flaw.

Jun 2009Aug 2009

Legal Assistant

Sherwood & McCormick Law Firm

For any good law firm there will be a lot of paperwork to process and store. My primary job as a legal assistant for Sherwood & McCormick was to convert all physical records to readable PDF files and store them on a secure shared network drive. After completely scanning, converting, processing, and refiling our records, the lawyers were able to easily locate past evidence, testimony, and arguments without a time-consuming trip to the file room.

Additional duties included researching potential case topics for the firm, delivering important legal materials to their correct destination at the Tulsa courthouse, and generally assisting the lawyers with miscellaneous technical problems.


Aug 2008Present

Bachelor of Liberal Arts

Drury University
  • Liberal Arts tradition focused through the "Global Perspectives in the 21st Century" initiative.
  • Top 10 "Best Regional Universities in the Midwest" by U.S. News & World Report.
  • Time magazine "Honorable Mention" for best liberal arts school in the nation.


Strategic Social Media


Research Papers



Adobe Photoshop & Fireworks
Image editing, logo and banner design.
Adobe Dreamweaver
Website design: HTML pages and CSS style sheets.
Microsoft Office
Excel, OneNote, Outlook, Powerpoint, and Word programs.