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I am currently a graduate student at New Mexico State University working on my graduate degree in history, with a GIS minor. I am looking for an opportunity to use my GIS and History knowledge in a job setting. I currently have a bachelor’s degree in history and I am hoping to continue my research and knowledge in both History and in GIS.


Aug 2006Present

Bachlors of Arts and Sciences

New Mexico State University

Work experience

Aug 2005Present

Soil Technician

Fugro McClelland Marine Geosciences Inc.

During the summer in between semesters at school I usually work offshore as a soil technician. For this job I am responsible for running several types of tests on core samples taken below the seafloor. I also am responsible for the maintenance of the laboratory on the ships that I am stationed on. I make sure that that the lab on board is stocked with whatever the job may need, and I also order equipment if anything is missing.

Jan 2007Present

Night Supervisor

New Mexico State University Library

During the school year I was as a night supervisor at the campus library. My responsibilities consist of helping any patrons that need assistance, closing the library and making sure that it is secure at closing. I occasionally open the library and get everything ready for the work day. I also make sure that the cash register is balanced after the work day.

Final Project for GIS Design


Photography has been a hobby of mine for several years. I have created a few albums for personal use and for friends and family.
GIS (Geographic Information System)
I have been using GIS for about two years in classes at New Mexico State University.