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I am a dedicated professional who continuously strives to achieve mutual growth and sustain tangible productivity. With an in depth understanding of operational and commercial aspects of  industry, i am able to grasp instructions quickly and execute tasks quicker.


Aug 2016Present

Senior Business Development Manager

  • Leads generation and converting them to business.
  • Trading up with existing client base.
  • Handle operations  of  demos and on-site installations.
  • Evaluating marketing strategy with Co-Founder.
  • Digitally market the new technology available with Parkwheels.
Oct 2015Aug 2016

Key Accounts Manager - India (Modern Trade)

  • Ledger balancing of Modern Trade accounts with usage of tools - MS excel, SAP.
  • Planning and coordination with Planning, SCM and Taxation team.
  • Maintaining Market Operated Price of paper for different regions.
  • Evaluation of Terms of Trade, signing Rate contracts and approving discounts.
  • Customer Relationship Management through SFDC.
  • Market segmentation and Market study to set decision points for growth.
  • Trading with existing accounts to increase Order Book.
  • Revenue management of around  6 Cr / Month.
  • Generation of leads through interaction with existing accounts.
Jul 2013Oct 2015

Operations Manager - Recovery 

  • Management of  Mass transfer operations of Evaporator where water was separated from mixture of benzene derivatives and inorganic salts such as Na2SO4 and Na2CO3.
  • Estimation of Cost Of Production of Sodium Hydroxide to track the financial bottlenecks.
  • Fuguai tracking and elimination with its W2W analysis through 7 QC tools.
  • Maintaining the emission limits of Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) as per stipulated norms.
  • Supervising audits, both external and internal, as per Jishu Hozen audit sheets.
  • Sustaining the targets for Variable cost of Steam, Water, Power, Chemicals, Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Hydroxide.
  • Maintaining the Chemical Oxygen Demand, Biological Oxygen demand in the effluent discharges as per the norms (environment).
  • Evaluation of net profit made by Plant against purchase of NaOH from market.


1.  Increase in Revenue from Copier Paper in South - West region

     Successfully increased sale of Copier paper from 0.72 Cr to 1.2 Cr average in South - West region

2.  Increase in number of  clients  with revenue > 10 Lakhs/ month by  4 in South - West region

     Successfully converted 3 clients  in South - West region which provide revenue > 10 Lakhs / month

3.  Conversion of 6-Effect-FFFF evaporator to 7-Effect-FFFF   

     6-Effect FFFF evaporator converted to 7-Effect FFFF evaporator by taking by passed body in line to      

     increase Steam Economy by a factor of   0.8.


Jun 2005May 2006

Secondary School Certification

Amity International School, NOIDA
  • Graduated 1st Division. Percentage secured - 85.4 %
  • Secured 1st Position in Inter-School Art competition and National BQC.
Jul 2009Jun 2013

Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering

National Institute of Technology
  • Percentage secured - 71.33 %.
  • Winner of Virtual Placement Drive - 2012, conducted by Institution of Engineers.

Volunteer Work

Association for Welfare of Handicapped  | Faridabad,  NCR

My role as a volunteer included interaction with the seniors, educating the children, alongside bringing in funding.


MS Office Suite
  • Matching data and maintaining the same in MS Excel to cross check Inventory in SAP, Gemba & Daily Production Reports.
TPM (Total Production Management)
  • Designated OTPM  and QM pillar champion in Recovery Plant.
  • Managed a team of 28 personnel on daily basis.
  • Completed 2 projects comprising of a 5 man team each.
Planning and Execution
  • Part of team responsible for erection of 13 SuperHeater panels,  an 11 m agitator, 4 tanks in Recovery plant.
  • Planning of paper run on machine as per orders sought.


Jan 2016Apr 2016

Midcrosoft Excel


Online certification in Microsoft Excel 

Aug 2015Sep 2015

Diploma in Introduction to Marketing


Certified diploma in Introduction to Marketing