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Principal Software Engineer(Systems)


I am Principal System Engineer with over 20 years of experience in Design, Development, Implementation, Requirement analysis of Telecom software applications. I am passionate about designing experiences, solving strategic problems and working in a dynamic team environment.

Holding a Permanent Resident Visa in Canada

Work experience

Principal Software Engineer (Systems)



  • Responsible for Requirement Specification for the Infinera Optical Element Management system (DNA)
  • Coordinated with the PLM, Testing and Development team across geographical locations to develop high end applications
  • OSS Interface:
    • Responsible for the requirement specification to model the Infinera NE( DTN-X,FlexILS) as per the Standard API by TMF 864 for the Operational Support System (OSS) interface for provisioning and maintenance using XML over Socket Interface (XoS)
    • Information model for Equipment, Facility, Protection Group
    • Responsible for the review and delivery of the Customer documentation of the Interface
  • Cloud Xpress:
    • Responsible for NM requirement specification to model the DCI solution Cloud Xpress (CX-500, CX-1200 series)
    • Prepare UI wireframes and prototypes of user interfaces for the new Network element
    • Functional specification for management only support for Network Discovery, Link Discovery, Topology Management
    • Graphical support for misconnection since NE did not support 
    • Requirements for additional graphical features like Digital Link Viewer and Connectivity Viewer
    • Functional specification of LLDP Inventory management
  • Responsible for the EML requirements for different NE feature releases for XT-3600,XT-500 series

Senior Technical Specialist



  • Ethernet Service Manager: System Engineering lead/Product Owner for the Ethernet over OTN solution (ESM ) for the 1830-PSS NE
    • Responsible for converting all Business use case to user stories for the scrum team.
    • Complete User Interface workflows for the new NML manager ( Discovery , Inventory Management, Provisioning and Administration flows)
    • Functional specification as user stories pertaining to Ethernet Ring Protocol and Ethernet services (like E-Line, E-LAN as per MEF)
    • Responsible for writing and validating the acceptance criterion for the user stories.
    • Responsible for the product backlog and sprint backlog 
  • NE Equipment Model for OSS: System Engineer for the equipment model for the complete suite of ALU Optical Network Elements for the EML SNA for 1350-OMS
    • Responsible for equipment model for the TMF-814 CORBA over XML interface for Network Elements like (TSS-320,1830-PSS,TSS-160, 1870-TTS)
    • Interface definitions and adaptation for the NE at the EML layer, to support the e2e resource management.
  • Responsible for interface definition for the management of Submarine network element 1620-LM between the NML layer –SN Manager and the EML-SNA
  • Requirements for EML-SNA for the support of TSS-320/160 network element features
  • Prototyping for management solution for SAM and 1350-OMS for management of optical ports
    • Prototyping the communication between 1350OMS and SAM for the management of 7750/7740 Routers DWDM ports
    • Communication was established using SOAP over JMS
    • NE Model adaption between the two NM systems
  • Provisioning model for EML-SNA for the support of 1870TTS within the 1350-OMS
  • As Technical Specialist, I was responsible for the complete Technical Functional Specification of 1350-OMS EML for multiple releases.
  • Design the interface and Implement the complete support for the TMPLS for TSS-320 NE with SNA. This included the complete integration test strategy.
  • Lead Engineer for the implementation of Network Adaptor layer over ITM-SC in C over HP-Ux . Required for management of legacy NE via the OMS as the new management system.The interface definitions were in XML.
  • Performance and Capacity lead for OSS System ( MRP) which included developing tools, scripts as per the test strategy.

Lead Engineer



  • Design Team lead for the implementation of Recharge Value Benefits on Intelligent Network Platforms (INP – Prepaid Billing software ) in C++ over HP-Ux platform
  • Leading a team of 10 developers for implementation of the transition of Subscriber Management System
  • Responsible for Unit test and Integration Test plan
  • Responsible for resource allocation and people management of the local team.

Software Engineer


SAMSUNG (India, South Korea)

  • Feature Engineer for implementation of the encoding technique of MMR ( from T.4/T.6 ) to JBIG ( T.85) format
  • Implementation of Quick Start , Group Dial feature, User configured PC Scanning for the MFP in C over pSOS platforms.

Software Engineer


WIPRO (India, UK)

  • Worked as a developer of multiple OAM applications of NORTEL like OC-3,OC-12,OC-48 over the real time pSOS platform
  • Completely owned the firmware for OC3-HH,STM-1J,J-SDH cards including the “Protection switching engine” based on GR-253 Bellcore standards.
  • Member of the critical Issues team for customers like MCI Worldcom, PacBell, Qwest Communications
  • Integration Test prime for the “Orderwire” feature.
  • Completely owned the “Optical Monitoring” subsystem to monitor the health of all cards over the OC-48 platform.
  • Automation of the load building using Tcl/Tk , Python for the software release process.


Birla Institute of  Technology & Science, Pilani, INDIA


M.S. (Software Engineering)

The institute is one among the 6 Indian 'Institutes of Eminence' recognized by the Government of India in 2018

University of Delhi


B.S. (Honours)

Major in Physics

Technical Skills

Network Management

Network Management applications for DWDM, SONET/SDH, Ethernet, MPLS-TP, OTN based network Elements

Network Management applications based on ITU-T G.707, G.871,G.872, Bell Core GR-253

UI Design

User Interface Wireframes using Pencil Design Tool, Microsoft Visio, Cacoo Design and Diagram Tool

Carrier Ethernet Services

Experience with Carrier Ethernet Services ( E-Line, E-LAN) and EthOAM


  • eTOM – Buisness Process Frameworx Certification from TM Forum
  • Frameworx Overview Certification from TM Forum
  • Agile Development Training
  • Soft Skills Trainings Communication skills, Negotiations
  • Team Management
  • Cross Cultural Project Management