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Aug 2003Jan 2004

Class A Commercial Driver

Allstate Career
Aug 1995May 2000

Bachelor of Science

University of Maryand Eastern Shore (UMES)

Work experience

Jul 2009Nov 2011

Partner, Employee

Maynard Diversified

-Autombile towing which included roadside assistance, scrapping and recycling of unwanted vehicles, and

  automobile transporting.

-Recycling and hauling of scrap metal.

-Land scaping such as mowing lawns, planting trees, mulching, tree trimming and removal, removal of 

  leaves, and snow removal.

-Gutter cleaning, removal and installation.

-Interior and exterior painting of residential homes.

-Automobile mechanical service such as engine removal ans installation, tune ups, brake service, electrical

  light body work, suspension, and tire service.

  suspension, and exhaust removal and installation.

- Light hauling of bulk trash from residential homes.

-Automobile detailing, and stereo installation.

- Classic car restoration.

Nov 2001Sep 2010

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Specialist II


- Provide therapeutic counseling for children and adult individuals with mental illness and their families

- Help individuals cope ; with domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, marriage, substance abuse, family difficulties, aging, addictions, depression,   

  suicidal tendencies, self esteem, eating disorders, and stress management.

- Finding appropraite coping strategies and treatment plans for their problems.

- Implementing appropriate couseling strategies for a variety of problems.

- Understanding multiple couseling theories and processes.

- Working with psychiatrist, psychologist, social workers, and mental health counselors to plan the most 

  effective treatment for a patient.

- Provide therapeutic couseling for youths in the Child and Adolescence Division  who suffer from mental illness.

-Create and maintain clear lines of communication with the families of the youths as well as community based


-  Complete on site and off site billing for the adults and children in the PRP and Child and Adolescence Programs.

Jan 2005Jan 2007

Commercial Driver

-Drive and deliver warehouse direct carpeting throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland,

  Virginia,  and West Virginia.

- Inspect the truck frequently to make sure that all components are in good working order.

- Keep records of miles traveled and maintenance performed.

Nov 2000May 2005

Substitute Teacher

Baltimore City Public School System

·Provides effective classroom/student management, clear instruction and implements lesson plans provided. May be required to develop lesson plans and assess student achievement in long term assignments.

·Utilizes a variety of instructional materials and available multimedia and computer technology to enhance learning.

·Collaborates with other professionals to implement instruction and related activities.

·Ensures the classroom and/or instructional environment is healthy, safe, and conducive to learning.

·Maintains accurate records and submits timely reports.

·Enforces City Schools regulations and policies concerning student conduct and discipline. Monitors student behavior in non-instructional areas as assigned or required and intervenes to control and modify disruptive behavior as appropriate.

·Reports all accidents, injuries, illnesses, and discipline problems to the appropriate authority.

·Travels with students on field trips as needed.

·Moves students by wheelchairs and other mechanical devices as required.

·Performs and promotes all activities in compliance with equal employment and non-discrimination policies; follows federal laws, state laws, school board policies and the professional standards. 


Orlando Craig

Kyle Mcnair

Kermit Dowell


Boundary Awareness

National Safety Council
Jan 2004Dec 2013

Class A Commercial Driver

Maryland Department of Transportation
Mar 2008Mar 2011

First Aid

National Safety Council