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I have many interests that I would like to persue with public relations.  I would love to somehow be able to apply my passion for music to my career, preferably through working in the publicity department of a major record label or talent management firm.  Also, I am very interested in the entire spectrum of liberal arts.  Any career in the fashion, music, or art industry would greatly appeal to me.


Greetings!  I am Hilary Rae Smith, a current senior attending Stephens College in the good ole' Columbia, Missouri.  I am scheduled to graduate in December of '09 and I cannot wait to see what opportunities lie ahead!

Work experience

Jul 2008Aug 2008


Stunt Company

For this internship I was given the opportunity to work with public relations guru Sue Marcus at her independently owned and opperated Brooklyn, NY publicity agency.  We conducted public relations for a number of musical talents, including Dashboard Confessionals, Brand New, the Cardigans, and many, many more.  This was a great experience and the relationships and knowledge that I inherently obtained are of incredible value to me.



Aug 2008Present

MPA: Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising

Stephen's College
Aug 2005May 2008

Communications: Mass Media



I have always somewhat excelled in the field of communication, be it through dialect or written form.  I feel as if my ability to connect and relate to almost any individual makes this possible.  I love to express myself, and to be able to perfectly define a certain emotion or whatever it may be by the perfect combination of words is an undescribable feeling.  The ability to effectively communicate has never been more important, and I know that this skill will help define my professional future.

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