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Hidde Nab

BSc. Future Planet Studies, Major Biology


The world's society is currently in a transitional period. We are moving on from fossil fuel powered ways to a sustainable future. Jobs and research fields will be created to steer this change into the right direction and it is my goal to take part in this. With the interdisciplinary perspective and knowledge on sustainability from Future Planet Studies and an understanding of the world's systems from Biology, I am looking to aid in the development of the needed innovations for a sustainable future.



BSc. Future Planet Studies

University of Amsterdam

Future Planet Studies is all about our planet, its inhabitants and its future. It provides an understanding of the complexity of earths systems and teaches its students to predict the future through science and more importantly, how to shape that future. Students are thought the basics of most mono-disciplinary studies to create understanding about the connection between them. Furthermore, students specialize in one subject and follow most of the curriculum for this track. My major was Biology.


During my study I:

  • Completed an internship and thesis at the institute of Marine Microbiology at the UvA
  • Completed a research project and thesis in sustainability
  • Was published on GIS's website to provide an example of their software's capabilities.
  • Took part in extracurricular courses to expand my knowledge on different subjects

Work History


Sales Representative

  • As a Sales Representative for Intel it was my job to go out to companies selling Intel products and inform their employees and their customers on the latest trends and products. I provided training about promotion, product knowledge and sales to employees. While active, I informed customers on the benefits of using Intel with the side goal of increasing the company's sales.

Customer Adviser

Budget Energy
  • As Customer Adviser at Budget Energy I aided customers with any and all questions about energy. From connections till the installment of solar panels I know how energy trading works. I was allowed to specialize in the management of contracts and connections quickly after having started and this allowed me to follow several external courses to develop my communication skills to be as effective and professional as possible in customer related services.


Coffee Company
  • Working as a barista develops your customer communication skills. It teaches you to make sure that you and the customer have a great experience simply by pouring a cup of coffee.



Promoter and host

Municipality of West Amsterdam 
  • My responsibilities were to host an event for local Architects looking to purchase plots of land in Amsterdam. It was my responsibility to make visitors feel welcome and provide information when needed. Additionally, I took part in several side activities to entertain visitors, such as the recycling of construction waste into jewelry.


  • During my time at Nuon I promoted internal events among employees to increase their passion for the company and to make sure they took part in events and activities that were organised for them.



Future Trend Analysis Adobe Creative Suite
Sustainability Consulting
Biology Presenting
Microsoft Office (all) Promotion


Cheap risk management using ArcGis 10

Gis Studio

With this study Lisa Bibbe and I suggested a cheap and easy method of Risk Assessment. We attempted to prove that our method worked by performing a case study. It did work for the particular case study. Gis Studio published it on their website to show the capabilities of their software ArcGis 10. 


  • Dutch - Mother language
  • English - Fluent (IELTS score 8.5/9)
  • French - Basic understanding
  • German - Basic understanding


  • Sustainability
  • Sports
  • Media
  • Technology
  • Nature
  • Politics
  • Sociology
  • Dynamics