Nikolajs Valters

Nikolajs Valters

Work experience

Work experience
2005 - Present

Technical Director / Developer


Video surveillance system "MSH-Video" ("S-Vidia", "Eagle DVR", "Patriot") technical support (C#,Delphi,Java/Android,C,C++,Assembler).

H264/WMV multimedia content delivery network development for Matvil Corp. (C#, .net / mono).

Outsourcing. Back-end software development (C#,Delphi,Java,C,C++,Assembler).

1998 - 2005

Video surveillance system "MSH-Video" general developer

M.Shafro & Co.
1996 - 2000

Pay-TV control systems software/firmware developer

Cyprus hotels
1991 - 1994

Programmer and electronic hardware designer

1988 - 1991

Technical Director


Special telecommunication devices development and production

1985 - 1988

Tech support

Government Intercommunication Division



System integration


SQL (database engine)

BDE (database engine)

IT security

C# (.net / mono) developer

Technical Director / Project Manager

Full development lifecycle

Java / Android developer

Delphi developer

Pascal developer

C++ developer

Ansi C (microcontroller firmware) developer

Microcontroller based hardware designer

RISC (Microchip PIC) assembler

X86 assembler