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Community Service

  • Tornado Relief Effort for Bibb County
  • Bama DInning Services
  • Fall Festival Four Points Bapist Church
  • Homecoming Alumni Tea University of Alabama

Special Awards and Recognitions Received

Shelton State Community College Summer Studies Scholarship, May 9, 2008

Work Philosophy

    The primary reason I am pursing a degree in Dietetics is because I like to help people choose healthy food options, especially diabetic patients. I realized at a very early age that eating a well balanced, nutritious meal is extremely important to maintain a healthy well being. My grandmother was a diabetic and my Mother, Aunt, and I took care of her until the day she died. On a daily basis I checked her blood glucose level, administered her medication including insulin shots, fed her, and prepared healthy meals.

Initial (short-term) Goals

I plan on making all A’s and B’s in all my classes especially my nutrition classes so I can become a competitive candidate for the coordinated program. The Coordinated Program is the perfect path for me to choose because I can work in the hospital and go to school at the same time. I plan on graduating with a degree in Dietetics upon passing the Dietetic Certification Exam. When I pass the Dietetic Certification Exam, I plan on working as a Clinical Dietitian at DCH Hospital in Tuscaloosa or UAB Hospital in Birmingham.

Table of Contents

  • Work Philosophy
  • Education
  • Special Awards and Recognitions Receieved
  • Community Service
  • Initial (short-term) Goals
  • Long-term Goals

Long-term Goals

      I plan on working as a Clinical Dietitian for a very long time.I plan on educating patients on the importance of eating nutritious meals and the consequences we all face when we fail to do so.Nutrition is currently and always will be a very important part of my life.