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My educational philosophy is that all students can learn and it is my job to try to find instructional methods that appeal to all. I vary my methods, and love turning the classroom over to my high school students to let their creativity fly. I'm encouraged by administrators who are open, innovative and work as a team with their faculty and staff. I love the challenge of technology - it keeps me growing and keeps the Spanish moving. I'm delving into online course development with Moodle and feel like there aren't enough hours in the day to learn it all! AND I WANT TO LEARN IT ALL! I currently teach upper level Spanish and Advanced Computer Applications classes. My classes change yearly due to changing trends. I would love to be able to always integrate these two skills in anything that I am involved in.  Twenty-first century education requires that we be open to 21st century ways of teaching and the fact that our students' ways of learning and educational needs are morphing as well.  I'm excited by what the information superhighway has to offer all students everywhere.

Work experience

Aug 1998Present

Assistant Principal

St. Joseph Central Catholic High School

Assist the Principal in the effective daily management of this academic institution.  I attend or conduct any meetings or activities in his absence, as well as attend weekly Administrative Team meetings wherein institutional policies are discussed.  Yearly, I assist the Principal in the coordination and revision of the SJCC School Safety Plan.

Weekly, I attend Administrative Team meetings to discussion institutional policies, including academics and athletics, that are up for review.

Sep 1999Present

Dean of Students

St. Joseph Central Catholic High School

As Dean of Students, my primary responsibility is to enforce the disciplinary and dress code policies of St. Joseph Central Catholic High School.

It is incumbent upon me to support the entire faculty and staff in providing consistent and uniform disciplinary policies that create an atmosphere that is safe for all students and conducive to each student's learning requirements.  Annually, a review of the Student Handbook and its policies is conducted and revisions made.

It is also my responsibility to communicate any changes in disciplinary policies to parents, students, faculty and staff.  I must also communicate the consequences of disciplinary infractions to both students and their parents in a timely fashion.  Maintaining students disciplinary records is also a requirement of this position, utilizing Powerschool (the SJCC Student Information System) as well as hard copies of records.


Educator, Foreign Language

St. Joseph Central Catholic High School

During the 2009-2010 school year, I am responsible for Spanish instruction at the second, third and fourth year levels. For the subsequent year, I have developed an Independent Study Honors Spanish 5 course for juniors who need an additional year of Spanish prior to graduation.  

Annually, I assess my students learning styles, strengths and weaknesses and interests.  I employ the data gathered as a framework for incorporating a variety of instructional techniques tailored to appeal to each student's learning style.  I focus on all four language skills:  reading, writing, listening and speaking - through a variety of media:  podcasts, online grammar activities, online reading comprehension activities and the use of open source recording software for oral production. 

My students utilize a Moodle course I have created for extension activities during out of class hours.  These activities are designed to reinforce what was learned the previous day in class. 

The goal of Spanish 2 is mastery of basic phrases, questions, answers and vocabulary along with introductory sentence structure, questions, commands, and some finer points of grammar such as direct and indirect objects and their sentence structure.

Aug 1993Present


St. Joseph Central Catholic High School

Instructing students in appropriate advanced technology skills such as:

  • Formal letter writing
  • Web design and Development
  • HTML and CSS introduction
  • Web 2.0 tools and utilization
  • Video creation and editing
  • Image editing

Today's students are going to be called upon to be versed in a variety of technology abilities such as: navigating a server, submitting documents electronically, professional development via the Internet, online courses via the internet, etc. It is incumbent upon me to assure that SJCC students are comfortable in this arena upon their graduation from this institution. Therefore it is appropriate that I facilitate their learning of the latest technologies and purposes.

Sep 1992May 1994

Instructor, IELI

The University of Findlay

As an instructor in the Intensive English Language Institute, I was responsible for the teaching of English as a Second Language to students from many countries, including China, Korea, Japan and the Middle East.

Though my courses changed from semester to semester, my teaching responsibilities included using a variety of instructional methodologies to teach reading and writing, all in the target language of English.  Many of our activities included authentic engagement in restaurants, stores etc. to provide natural language production.

Jun 1989Mar 1994


The Ohio Migrant Education Center

As a State Recruiter, my primary responsibility was to determine the eligibility of migrant children for summer educational programs.  This responsibility involved travel to the different migrant camps, primarily in Sandusky County, to meet with the families and conduct an interview in Spanish, documenting travel dates and locations.  Occasionally I was called upon to travel to other parts of the state as well to conduct the same business.

Sep 1988Jun 1992


Ohio Migrant Education Center
My responsibilities included visiting local migrant camps and conducting interviews in Spanish to determine children's eligibility for summer education programs to assist migrant students in staying on-track with their education.




The Ohio State University

Engaged in Work Study in the Department of Romance Languages.  Financed 100% of my college education through loans and grants.


Shari Beier

Michael Gabel

Courtney Warner

Tim Burns


Website Development
Utilize Dreamweaver for the creation and maintenance of the school website.  Have also used Weebly and Google Sites with the Advanced Computer Applications course.  Have experience with image editing, some HTML, design, insertion of dynamic html and flash media.
Online Course Creation
Have created several Moodle courses, most notably an elementary Spanish Moodle course designed for 6, 7 and 8th graders at local private elementary schools.  In addition, I have created courses for each of the classes I am currently teaching, to serve as a both a repository of resources as well as a means of continued and extended learning.
Fluent Spanish Speaker


Aug 2008Present

Certified Pathwise Mentor

Diocese of Toledo
Jan 2010Present

Certified Mentor, Resident Educator Program

Ohio Department of Education
Jul 2007Jun 2012

Licensed Teacher

Ohio Department of Education