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I am a business savvy leader with solid record of improving operational performance through increased productivity and efficiency. I also know that it is essential to have a strong individual at the head of a team. Leadership is an attribute that is hard to attain because it requires you to gain the trust of your “followers.” I obtain this trust from individuals through communication. Furthermore, teamwork is a trait that I believe is necessary for organizational cohesiveness and I use this trait for effective training and motivation. I am a committed individual with pride in being direct, comprehensive and outgoing.

I possess a Master’s in Business Administration and Six Sigma Black belt certification, but what sets me ahead of others in my career is the experience and education I have had in the hospitality industry. This laid a strong foundation in my business concepts and the manner to which I conduct business. I feel that there is a customer in every aspect of a business, whether it is internal or external. The satisfaction and happiness of a customer is the bottom line in every businesses process.

With my management experience I have demonstrated the ability to reduce costs, grow profit, and raise productivity while maintaining exceptional service standards. I am a driven, solution oriented professional with a rare combination of analytical and interpersonal talents. I enjoy a good project challenge and I provide the direction to ensure that progress and deadlines are achieved. I excel working beyond the expectations that are placed upon me.


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Six Sigma Black Belt