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In my senior year of high school I became vice president of THA’s architecture club where I learned leadership and event-planning skills. Since then I have developed superior interpersonal skills allowing me to communicate with people at all levels. This, along with my motivation and spirit to serve, helps me to provide the best customer service experience possible.I have an intellectual curiosity; I am motivated by new challenges and opportunities to learn; and have a strong ability to troubleshoot for solutions and provide support in almost any situation. I pay very much attention to detail and perform best in high-pressure, fast-paced environments.

In both school and work I display a high proficiency in reading and writing English. My adept computer skills cover Windows, Microsoft Office, Peachtree, QuickBooks, the Internet, and email.

The larger gaps in my work history are due to unemployment and the smaller ones, from 11/06 – 12/06 and 08/08 – 09/08, are due to relocation. I left Michigan in 2006 for a job in Wyoming because of Michigan’s struggling job market. I later left Wyoming because of my dissatisfaction with living in an isolated small town. I chose to leave my position with Target in November of 2009 to accept a position with a recent employer. Unfortunately, it did not work out (for reasons that were not disclosed to me). By then it was January and I decided to seek employment in Colorado. While living in Wyoming I found that I very much love Colorado for many reasons. I am excited to be starting to build roots in Colorado, and am very eager to begin working in the accounting field since I just completed my first accounting degree on May 2, 2010. The one thing I like best about accounting, besides the math, is that every company requires it.


Gmail address: Bryan68426

Work experience

May 2010Present

Food Services Team Member



-Run Target's Food Avenue

-Assist guests

-Cook and present food

-Keep work area clean; rotate stock

-Adhere to health codes

Mar 2009Nov 2009

Food Services Team Member


Duties: -Run Target's Food Avenue -Assist guests -Cook and present food -Keep work area clean; rotate stock -Adhere to health codes Achievements: -Discovered and implemented faster, more efficient operations as well as efficient stock rotations -Designed a new worksheet to log daily food disposal -Reallocated levels of inventory use to reduce waste

Sep 2008Nov 2008

Front Counter Clerk

Wireless USA
Duties: -Assist walk-in and call-in customers -Log incoming and outgoing radio repairs on paper and on the computer -Organize radios in store for repair -Track down status of radio repairs exceeding typical repair time Achievements: -Received a promotion -Began a new overall organizational system -Helped in the development of an organizational system to more easily locate items requiring longer repair times
Dec 2006Aug 2008

Correctional Officer

Wyoming State Penitentiary
Duties: -Maintain safety and security -Escort inmates throughout the facility -Monitor inmate behavior -Keep log of daily and outstanding events Achievements: -Created a flagg schedule to be fair to inmates -P.O.S.T. certified -P.P.C.T. certified
Aug 2005Nov 2006

Sales Representative

Digital Wireless (closed)


-Sell cellular phone contracts

-Sell cellular phone accessories

-Sell prepaid phones

-Log personal sales figures

-Assist store owner with business duties such as making deposits and purchasing supplies


-Redesigned customer information worksheets

-Helped develop spreadsheets to report sales info.

-Improved cell phone displays and price tags


Jun 2010Present


University of Phoenix

This degree is being completed online. - The BSB foundation is designed to bridge the gap between theory and practical application, while examining the areas of accounting, critical thinking and decision-making, finance, business law, management, marketing, research and evaluation, and technology. Students are required to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the undergraduate business curricula through an integrated topics course. Special emphasis is placed on critical business threads throughout the program, which include: globalization, innovation, ethics, technology, diversity, collaboration, and e-business. - The Accounting Concentration promotes identification with and orientation to the accounting profession and is designed to provide knowledge skills, and abilities necessary to a successful accounting career. Core competencies in technology, critical thinking, and communication are emphasized throughout the curriculum. Technology, in particular, is embedded in all accounting courses. Students also have broad exposure to varied business disciplines, including management, organizational behavior, economics, and finance, and learn how the general manager integrates these disciplines to meet the strategic goals of the organization.

Jul 2008May 2010


University of Phoenix

This degree was completed online May 2, 2010. - The Associate of Arts curriculum provides a foundation and overview within the academic disciplines of communication arts, social sciences, mathematics, life sciences, and the humanities. Instruction focuses on the development of student skills in writing, critical thinking, and information utilization, as well as foundational competencies in the selected discipline. The completion of an Associate of Arts degree represents an important milestone for many students as they pursue their educational goals. - The Associate of Arts with a concentration in Accounting focuses on the role of accounting in business strategy, financial statements, cost information, economics, management, and ethical issues. Students will encounter real-world scenarios where they will use accounting information resources and systems, and present conclusions based on accounting and business data. Additionally, students will use ledgers, journals, and worksheets to complete formal, informal, and quantitative accounting tasks.


56 WPM
One of my Associate courses covered this software, but I have yet to use in consistently with a client.
Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)


Travis DiPalma

Josh Thorson

Charlie Luduig